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SIP Friends
Namakkullae 2013
நமக்குள்ளே 2016 - 2017

Mr. Sankara Subramaniam

Its once again a fantastic Saturday, the 10th December 2016,
a Team of Old Gold Good SIP Friends assembled at the SPC Campus
to have a motivational interaction with the present SPC Students.

The day commenced with the Lord worship sung by Mrs. Govindan ‘95
SPC Principal, Mr. Sankarasubramanian welcomed the Gathering, Team of SIP Friends,
Lecturers and the Participant Students.

College days are very much important in Life to have a refined and improved life.
Most of the Old Students like to visit the College they studied but they seldom get time to visit the College campus again.
Praised the Team of SIP Friends for offering
this Motivation Programme amidst their busy schedule.

He also admired the integration of the Old Students by
SIP Friends for joining together the Alumni and
sharing knowledge.
This happens in almost all Colleges.
But the difference here is the 'நமக்குள்ளே'.
  There is a lot of difference between the Old Students and
the current Students in terms of Knowledge, Experience and Technology.
Hope this Meet will help participants to cope up
with the day to day requirement of their career.

He is worried about the Students’ questioning capability, which is shrinking now.
Everything can’t be learned from the Internet
because for a single search the Internet will give numerous results.
Whereas the Lecturers fulfil the student’s requirements
by giving exactly what they need.The Principal added in his Welcome address.

Mr. Jegarajan started the proceedings,
stressing the importance of Questioning.
He raised Question with the Participants:WHO IS 'GOOD MAN?'
A Person who is Honest, Truthful, Disciplined and Dignified
even when he is alone is the real 'Good Man',
he concluded after a brief debate.

Those who don't attempt any endeavours will not commit any mistake.
The mistake will occur while attempting the task and during research.
One can get experience from the own failures and other’s success.
To succeed in life one should break the obstacles preventing the Success.


Only after removing the superfluous portions from the Granite stone,
the statue hidden inside will emerge out.
Likewise, one has to throw away the bad habits if any
to bring out the good attitude to attain the intended altitude.

The invention of Telephone brought the distantly placed people to nearer.
But the invention of the Mobile phone
keeps the neighbours also at a distance.
While searching the Google you can get everything, whatever you want.
But the Teachers will provide only whatever you need.
Let us try reading 'ஆத்திச்சூடி' now.
It will enable us to understand
how the Author 'ஔவையார்' has written ஆத்திச்சூடி.


Mr. Avudaiyappan '87,
a Four Master Degree Holder,
St. Xaviour’s Polytechnic,
started with three quotes
from Bagavath Geetha,
Bible and Quran.

He quoted those previous year
students who participated
the 'நமக்குள்ளே - 2015'
had praised the programme.

He referred Mr. Mohammed Rafi, a Nobel laureate in Astrophysics who told that 'fake it till you make it'.
The Nobel Laureate, inspired by his mother,
started asking Questions to the teachers,
beginning in his school life. Because of this Questioning ability only he became Doctorate and finally achieved the Nebel Prize.

Mr. Avudaiyappan also briefed his career as he started
with a Private Job in construction Industry,
Lecturer in our own Polytechnic,
HOD in National Engineering College, Maruthakulam and
presently elevated to the post of
Principal in St. Xaviour’s Polytechnic, Seydunganallur.

He advised the Students to 'Think Globally and Act Locally'.
Take the positive from
whatever you hear and come across.
He suggested avoiding Four “C”s
Cell Phone - Cricket - Cinema - Computer
Even though those four cannot be avoided altogether,
the usage can be optimised.

Everybody should repeat the slogans:
I am a confident person
I am an Energetic Person
I am an Achiever
I can do it
I am the Winner

He cited the Example of
Mr. Shiv Kera’s Baloon Story and
stated that Helium Gas inside the Baloon
will take the Baloon to Heights.
As such Good Attitude only will take
the Human to great altitudes.
He also explained
‘How to become a Top Student’ and
distributed Handouts that contains;
‘How to become a Top Student’
‘Main Points to be observed on Exam days’
‘Time Management’
‘Principle of Life’ and
'Upkeep of Relationships’ to all Students.


Mr. Sankaranarayanan, Chemistry Lecturer (1985-87)
started with sharing the Kindness of the former Principal
Mr. Krishnamoorthy, who had offered him the Lecturer Job
because he is the brother of the brilliant Student Mr. Govindan '85.

Students studied in this Polytechnic had developed a lot even after
the Polytechnic Life with the foundation they acquired during studies.
Unlike other Polytechnics, Sankar Institute of Polytechnic is situated
in Natural Environment.
Students should study not only for marks but to develop knowledge.
Learn English to conquer the Globe,
but side by side don’t forget to learn Hindi to survive in North India.

Tirunelveli is proudly called as South Indian Oxford.
The Students studied at Sankar Institute of Polytechnic doesn’t go worthless.

House with more Windows will have good ventilation.
Keep 'Tamil' as the Entrance gate, add more Windows, that is,
other essential languages as much as possible,
which will widen your scope of acquiring the Job.

English as a language rules the world.
We don’t speak English because of the fear of committing mistakes.
One should absolutely fear to speak Tamil wrongly
because it is our Mother Tongue. Don’t fear to speak English, he concluded.

After the Tea Break, the SIP Friends’ Meritorious Award for the Year 2013-2016 was presented
by the Principal Mr. Sankaranarayanan to Mechanical Branch overall Rank holder Mr. Pradivi Raj.
As Mr. Pradivi Raj could not attend in person, his father received the award on his behalf.

Principal quoted the 'திருக்குறள்'
'ஈன்ற பொழுதின் பெரிதுவக்கும் தன்மகனைச்
சான்றோன் எனக்கேட்ட தாய்.'
Like Mr. Pradivi Raj, everybody should make their Parents happy with their achievements,
Principal added.

A warm-up game was conducted. 10 Participants; 7 Girls and 3 Boys
actively took part in the Game. All the participants were presented with Gifts.
Finally, three students remained undefeated and emerged joined winners and
they were presented with Plastic Folder files.

Mr. Govindan '85, an Aero Space Auditor, used to be School Topper during his School Life and scored 445 marks in SSLC.
Now he is one out of 25 experts in Aero Space Auditing and
flying to different countries frequently. He proudly put on record that
now he is sitting in the seat of Pilots and checking the Aircrafts and Americans & Australians are now taking notes of his Speech.

'Those who take pain in the early stage of Life
will be happy at the later stage', he pointed.

He narrated the importance of English Language citing his personal experiences. He also emphasised the significance of learning Hindi,
as he faced difficulty in taking up his first appointment at Bombay.

He expelled that he is coming to the Polytechnic campus after 31 years.


'Whatever you lean in these three years will give you
the Foundation for your future endeavour”, he expressed.

He started with a monthly salary of Rs.900/- and he stated that
he will not disclose his present salary,
because he is receiving a handsome salary.

He tried to become Roll of Honour during his Polytechnic Study.
But every time he missed by meagre 4, 5 marks.
He wished all the best for the participants.
'Try to Study well, You can earn, Not only Money, But also Fame”,
he concluded.

SIP Friends is very much proud of the Aircraft Auditor, Mr.Govindan,
a product of SIP, an inspiring personality.


Mr. Jegarajan expressed proudly that
Mr.Govindan is going to fly from Chennai to New York on 31 December and so he would have the chance
to celebrate the forthcoming NEW YEAR – 2017 in Three countries Singapore, Europe and America.
'One who chisels himself during the student life only will become a beautiful statue'.

Mr. Balamurugan '92, returned from Singapore, expressed that
he not had this type of Motivation Programmes in those days.
He invited all the participants to discuss anything and
also doubt with all of SIP Friends to improve themself.

He praised Mr. Kalidasa Krishnaswami,
who taught Computer Programme.
He worked in Kowdilya Computers and then in Southern Telecom Region. He also recalled the interview in Southern Region Telecom
in which he has written 'Computer programme with Comments'
and got appreciated by the Interviewer.
Until now, he used to write down everything that
he is going to do and then do the work.
His General Manager used to be very friendly with him
because of his skills.

He advised not to stop with Diploma and to continue the Higher Studies.
He disclosed that he studied BCA, MBA and
further Courses in Information Technology.
Latest updating is very much important particularly in
Information Technology, Digital Transformations and Mobility etc.

He was in Singapore from 1998 to 2016. In Singapore, even
Senior Citizens are studying Computer Courses.
Only in Singapore, TCS is recruiting Diploma Holders, not in India.
He got Job in Singapore TCS because of his Programming Skills in SIP special ability, especially in SIP Human Resources specialisation.
He concluded stressing the participants once again
to develop and upgrade their Skills.

Mr.Saravanan (1985 Mech) a Story writer by profession started with an enthusiastic note that
'Students can achieve very easily, whatever they think'.
He had written a number of Motivational Books: 'Vetri Venduma', 'Vilakkai Thoondiya Viralkal', 'Pesa Pesa Kasu'
are some of the Books written by him.
He used to write Stories during his study time also. The Seeds sown at SIP will surely grow into Orchards.

Brilliant Students come out from SIP. It’s because of Good Lecturers.
Once you get admission in SIP, its equivalent that You got Appointment Order - Everybody used to say.
Bill Gates told 'I studied less, but I am in a position to pay Salary to persons who studied more” - he quoted.

He concluded by suggesting Students to follow three Good qualities Respect, Thankfulness and
Forgiveness to develop and succeed in Life.

1992 Batch SIP Friends donated Rs.5 Lakhs
to the daughter of
the deceased Ramiah (SIP Friend-1992)
due to Cardiac Problem.

SIP Friend-1992 have collected the amount
from their Batch mates for the Noble cause.

SIP Friends Welfare Trust appreciates
the collective efforts put in
by the good hearts from 1992 Batch.

Mr. Paramasivam '92, worked in SPIC, Tuticorin and
in Foreign Countries; introduced himself as he was
hailing from the village during school life and while
joined in Polytechnic 'English' was a massive barrier.
But he had worked in Abudabhi, Libiya and Oman.
He also worked with Australians, Romanians and
English People and
now he is fluently communicating in English.

The Students from our Polytechnic have
very much Knowledge Potential,
but could not bring out because of Language.
Improve English and Communication skills,
he suggested

Mr. Rajagopal '94, working in Singapore for the past 15 years, briefed that he got Polytechnic Seat
because of his good marks in SSLC.
Students should use Internet, Email & WhatsApp to improve friendship, to share Knowledge,
to develop the career and should avoid unnecessary matters in WhatsApp.

He worked in Wind Mills for 2 years, 5 years in Coimbatore Electrical Motor Company before moving to Singapore. Four years after reaching Singapore only, he got a good Job and settled.
Overcome fear. Take up whatever the Job you get initially. Gain knowledge and Training. Then try for better Jobs.

He cautioned the students to be careful while taking up foreign assignments.
Suggested to approach only reliable Agencies for abroad trips, that’s too after due enquiry,
even with our Old students working abroad.
He insisted perseverance. He quoted his tireless effort
in getting corrected the Name spelling mistake (Space) in his Passport.
He suggested the Participants be vigilant in filling up the Applications etc. and concluded.


Principal Mr. Sankarasubramanian advised students to bring up, at once to the Polytechnic Administration,
the errors in Name, Date of Birth etc. or other discrepancies if any they observe in the Mark Sheets and Certificates.
He also clarified to maintain the same spelling of Name and Date of Birth that exists in the SSLC Mark sheet in further Studies also.

Mr. Sakthivel '85, an Entrepreneur,
disclosed that he left Polytechnic
with the intention to become
an Entrepreneur and rightly so.

On completing Diploma he worked in a Firm,
acquired knowledge and
became Entrepreneur soon after.

He also emphasised the importance of English.
He suggested the future Entrepreneurs
to work in small companies,
which may provide them avenues to learn works
in all Departments rather than Big companies,
before becoming Entrepreneur.

By the Government’s Demonetisation move, Banks have heavy cash reserves;
thereby getting Loan will be easier. There is a chance that
Corruption may also get reduced. Moreover, the Prime Minister’s 'Make In India' scheme
also is in favour of Entrepreneurs. It’s the better time to become an Entrepreneur.

As Individual Identity is very important, develop Special skills in Specified subjects.
The salaried profession is more comfort than Business.
But try to become an Entrepreneur and be self-sustained.
Moreover, it is very much easier for Diploma Holders to become Entrepreneur
because of the practical oriented study, that is, combined Management and
Floor/Field skills. He concluded wishing all to become Entrepreneur.

Miss. Sreedevi,
ECE Student,
expressed that
the Programme is
very much useful and
increased her
confidence that
they will also develop
themselves hereafter.

Mr. Senthilmurugan, EEE Student,
told that he was not in a mood to attend
the programme, but by the compulsion of
the Lecturers only he attended the Programme.
But now found that
it will be a Stepping Stone in his Life.

He likes Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam, as his Role Model
and he proclaimed that
hHe will follow his footprints.


Miss. Shabia Ramzan, Civil Student,
ambitious of working in abroad,
raised a question to Mr. Balamurugan '92,
that is, How did he get Job in Singapore and with what Qualification?.

He replied that he got Job in TCS Singapore with Diploma only, but he reiterated that Subject knowledge and updated specialised skills to latest trends only will get you Jobs abroad or anywhere. He is a SIP ERP Expert.

Miss. Muppidathi, Civil Student,
chose to study in Sankar Polytechnic
inspired by her neighbour who had completed DME from our Polytechnic five years back.

She praised all the Lecturers.
She expressed that
Department HOD is her Roll Model.
She also revealed that the Polytechnic
uniform Dress gives her respect.

Miss. Parvathy, ECE Student,
exclaimed that the SIP Friends
from the Olden days
with much lesser technology
could develop to this extent.

On attending this meet
now she got motivated that
she will also develop in her career.
Mr. Natarajan, SPC Faculty,
praised 'SIP Friends Welfare Trust'
for integrating the Alumni.

Mr. Jegarajan thanked
all the participants and fellow
SIP Friends for bringing
glory to 'நமக்குள்ளே - 2016'

The participants were provided
with delicious Lunch.

The amazing programme came
to a grand finish by 2.00pm.
Report by Mr. Elakkuva Bhoopathi '87