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Namakkullae 2013

நமக்குள்ளே 2015 - 2016

Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan
Retd. Principal and Adviser

Its once again a rainy Saturday, the 12th December 2015, 'The Old Gold Good SIP Friends'
assembled at the Sankar Polytechnic College
to impart Knowledge, Encouragement, Confidence and Motivation to the present day Students
through sharing of Success Stories and Valuable Suggestions.

About 140 SPC Students eagerly participated in the Program.

23 SIP Friends of 1994 also gathered at the Polytechnic and actively participated in 'நமக்குள்ளே'.

The day was started with mourning for the recently departed,
our beloved Senior Lecturer and NCC Officer (Rtd.), Major. K. Ramaiah
by observing one minute silence.

The day's proceedings was initiated by Mr. Navilan,
the Physics Lecturer cum NSS Officer with warm Welcome Address.
He praised Former Principal and Advisor, Mr.Anantha Rama Krishnan as living God.
He praised Former Principal Late. Krishnamoorthy also for his contribution to the Polytechnic.

As a placement Officer he appealed to the SIP Friends to bring Placement Opportunities
to the present outgoing Students.

Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami
Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami

Former Principal and Advisor, Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan
inaugurated the proceedings with lot of Blessings.

He stated that Our Polytechnic is a Good Polytechnic,
because of Good Lecturers.
During his tenure as Placement Officer, the renowned companies
like TVS, Ashokleyland etc. used to conduct Campus Interview
at our Polytechnic, he revealed.
He remembered the day; he joined in the Polytechnic as Lecturer
in the year 1964 and his first experience in the class room and
detailed how he handled the situation effectively.
Recalled the participation in the Independence Day parade
at New Delhi by Mr. Sivaperuman, a NCC Student of our Polytechnic and attributed the credit to Major. K. Ramaiah, the then NCC Officer.
He concluded his Inaugural Speech emphasizing the importance of Field experience.

Mr. Navilan


Mr. Jegarajan '79 took over the proceedings.
He spelt that everyone should win in Life. He raised question to the participants, 'How to win in Life?'
Discipline shall be understood from the Polytechnic Life, it need not be taught.
He also advised everybody to be a perfectionist. Emphasized that the Parents and Lecturers are guiding the Students, like two eyes.
To bring that into reality, he advised the Students to follow Discipline,
to be perfect, to hear to their Parents & Lecturers and to develop unique identity to stand on their own legs.
Everybody should be careful even in minute things, then only they can develop perfection and can have unique identity to be stared by others.
Knowledge can be gained from the Good Lecturers, but Talent can be felt by ourself too. On exhibition of the Talent only, others will understand one's capability. Knowledge and Talent shall be developed simultaneously to become outstanding personality in the society.

He cited the life of Late. Kamarajar, the Former Chief Minister of Tamilnadu, who was a talented personality with less education, but understood the importance of Education and imparted good quality education even to the downtrodden children.
He revealed the lighting of 'Kuthuvilakku' by Kamarajar at the Inaugural function of Our Sankar Institute of Polytechnic in the year 1958.
Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan added that the Polytechnic was opened by the former President of India, Late. Venkataraman.
Its' the Blessing for the Polytechnic. Since we are in the Polytechnic, its our Blessing.

Mr. Avudaiappan '87, a quadruple Master Degree holder in M.Tech (Structural Engg.),
M.Tech (Environmental Engg.), MBA and M.Sc.(Yoga), a former Lecturer in Sankar Polytechnic,
now the Principal of St. Xaviors' Polytechnic, Seydunganallur,
started with Tamil Slogans Blessing the Participant Students.

He emphasized that "Competition only will lead to Development."
He cited the prominent and legendary personalities like Former President of India, A.P.J. Abdul Kalam,
Former President of South Africa Nelson Mandela, Former President of America, Abrahamlingan
who all excelled because of their simplicity.

He also explained 'How to become a Top student' and distributed the Hand outs containing
'How to become a Top Student', 'Main Points to be observed on Exam Days', 'Time Management',
'Principle of Life' and'Upkeep of Relationship' to all the Students.

He concluded with the encouraging Slogans.
I am a confident Person, I am an energetic person, I am an Achiever, I can, I will, I am the Winner.

Mr. Swaminathan '80, an Entrepreneur, Owner of a Lift Manufacturing and Installation Co., Coimbatore.
He proudly expressed that he designed Lift for Small Houses.
He quoted "Make in India" Scheme, which is in favour of Entrepreneurs.
As such being Engineering Students, everybody should try to become Entrepreneurs.
He expressed that Students should think differently.
He stressed that only because of different thinking, he developed home lifts.
Previously Engineers/Students used to go to the Lecturers for clarifying their doubts.
But now-a-days internet comes as handy for clarifying their doubts.
He appealed participants to utilize the Technology effectively.
He insisted upon the importance of Social responsibility among the Students more than Making Money.

Unlike foreigners, only Indian Engineers are capable of carrying out all the connected activities like
Manufacturing, Servicing, Marketing and follow up and this nature is being appreciated by the Foreigners.
He recalled the first Hockey Tournament win by Our Polytechnic, in which he was part of the Team.
He praised Principal Late. Krishnamoorthy for communicating regarding his placement in Kone Elevators.
He concluded that, Attitude only will determine ones Altitude.

After the Tea Brake a Numbering Game was conducted for the students and prizes were distributed.


Mr. Velayutham '94, now working in India Cements,
admitted that he was not sincere during his studies and so scored less marks.
He advised Students to learn as much as possible during Polytechnic Life.
One should not stop search till end.

He praised Former Lecturer, Mr. Srinivasaragavan
for his wonderful free flowing Lectures.
He revealed that he could go abroad with the help of his classmate only. It's important to develop Talents by Creativity and Intellectual Thinking.
He also praised Mr. Rajagopal '94, for organizing
and bringing together the 1994 Batch Students.

Mr. Ramu '94,
working in Malasiya,
requested Students to form
close Groups among them
for exchange of information
which will be instrumental in their future endeavours and growth.

He concluded advising students
to maintain Good Friendship and
'One can survive without Father, Mother and Other Relatives but cannot without a Friend'.

Mr. Selvavel '94, an Interviewer by Profession requested Students to get rid of their stage fear.
He explained the experience of attending Interview at TCS.

After Education, the Students should decide immediately the next course of action in their career.
Whether... Higher Education or Own Business or Employment. In that also choose the field, IT or Non-IT.

He narrated the importance of preparing the Resume with utmost sincerity. The contents should be written legibly with the details of Project works etc., and most importantly, the alignment. The copying & pasting errors should be avoided.

Whenever a Candidate is called for Interview, Prepare for the probable Questions.
Be there before in time, Answer boldly and Express the facts.
Don't be too much worried about getting Job, which preoccupation may drag down the performance.
Maintain Positive body language and answer by facing face to face with confident answers, keeping the emotions aside.
Practice to adopt to the Situation. If required mix English and Tamil, answering to the point is much more important.
Gave a tip as 'If at all required, hold both the Hands tightly for the first 30 Seconds to overcome the fear, if any'.


Mr. Navin '94, who is now a Senior Assistant Professor in SRM College of Engineering,
shared his views.

Job and Earning everything is for Happiness.
'So many achievers are there.
Whether all of them are happy.
It's a big ?', he raised.

'Seasoning of Mind is the real Success'.
He cited the example of Mr. Carl Lewis,
the World 100m race winner.
He advised the Success formulae:
'Think yourself as Competitor,
Don't feel others as competitors'

He appealed to 'Maintain Ethical Values',
which are diminishing in this modern world.
He stressed that only Ethical Values will lead
to real development.

He advised to update Knowledge in the fast moving world by resorting to Higher Studies.
He also revealed that 'Technology Growth is exponential, but the present day's Text Books are
not updated to catch up.'
As such he emphasized that the Students should update their knowledge to survive in the competitive World.

He finished with the Word
'How one lived is important than simply living'

  Mr. Mariappan '94, now the Assistant General Manager, Suzlon Energy
revealed that Studying in Sankar Institute of Polytechnic
was his dream and ambition during his School days.

He hailed from a poor family, studied under street lights, revealed.
As per his father's guidance he studied well and got admission
in Sankar Institute of Polytechnic because of God's grace, he disclosed.

He also praised the Former Lecturer, Mr.Srinivasaragavan
who inculcated Technical knowledge in him during Polytechnic life.
Now he maintains his Company Office cleanly and
is getting appreciation from his Superiors,
he added its because of the inspiration he got from
the Cleanliness of Sankar Institute of Polytechnic,
especially by Mr.Anantharamakrishnan, our Former Principal.

He expressed that Sankar Institute of Polytechnic and
SIP Friends are the strength of present day SIP Students.

He thanked 'SIP Friends Welfare Trust' for upkeeping of
the SIP Friends Group, which gives friendship at all Ages and Levels.

He revealed the universal truth, 'God will not help directly, but through people'

He remembered his Friend Mr. Lakshmanan '94,
who was helpful in getting his First Job and
Mr. Narayanamoorthi '94, who was instrumental in sending his resume
to M/s.Suzlon Energy.

He concluded, 'Develope Friendship, Share love and affection,
it will be proud for SIP and Friendship'.

  Mr. Perumal '94,
holding the post of
Regional Transport Officer in Vallioor, explained
the Mechanical students
'The methodological approach to attain
the post of Regional Transport Officer'.

At the end of the
program also,
the students discussed
with him for useful tips.
Ms. Lakshmi, a First Year EEE Student,
expressed her experience of attending this program
as 'Marvelous' in her feedback Speech.

Ms. Sankargomathi, an EEE student,
expressed her feelings for not attending previous
year's 'நமக்குள்ளே'.
She revealed that the Program was like an Energy
Drink, she finished in her language with the word 'செம'

Ms. Sangeetha, a Third Year EEE Student thanked for conducting the program.

Mr.Thillaivanam, a First Year EEE Student also acknowledged the positive feelings of attending the program and concluded that he understood the importance of Friendship.

Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan, Former Principal and Advisor, Mr. Kalidasa Krishnaswami, Principal,
Mr. Kasiviswanathan, Mechanical Lecturer, Mr. Madhavan, English Lecturer and Mr. Navilan, Physics Lecturer were respected with Salvai.

The Principal, Mr. Kalidasa Krishnaswami, in the Concluding Address advised students to keep patience in life and
to respect the Parents, Elders and Lecturers.
Appealed to the Alumni for their participation in the development of Polytechnic.
Thanked the Organisers of the Program and Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan, Former Principal and Advisor.
Thanked all the participated staff for their indispensable contribution for the success of 'நமக்குள்ளே-2015'.

The Programme ended by aroud 2.30 P.M.
After the conclusion of the Programme also, the Students interacted one to one with their Seniors
to acquire requisite information regarding their future Career.

The participants were provided with Lunch.
The Old Gold SIP Friends were also provided with delicious Lunch with the Staff members of SPC.


After the delicious lunch, 23 SIP Friends of 1994 batch from Malaysia, Singapore,
Dubai, Abu Dhabi and from other cities of our Mother land, gathered in the hall.

The Proceeding started with the mourning for the departed
M. H. Sheik Noorul Ameer '94 SIP Friend, passed away due to Brain Tumor.

Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan, Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami, Mr. Jegarajan ’79,
Mr. Kasiviswanathan ’79, Mr. Swaminathan ’80, Mr. Elakkuva Bhoopathi '84 and
staff Mr. Murugan and Mr. Sivasailam
jointly witnessed the proceedings of this meet.

All the friends shared their own life story after SIP days,
but not forgotten to reveal every joy and sweet memories of
their ever green polytechnic days during 1991 to 1994.

The best part of the meet was…
'SIP Friends 1994' extended a helping hand to the daughter of
Late. M. H. Sheik Noorul Ameer, for her studies with a sum of Rs 2.5 Lakh.
They collected the amount among themselves for the Noble Cause.

When the day was ended… every one’s heart was filled with a feeling which was beyond words...

Report by Mr. Elakkuva Bhoopathi '87