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Namakkullae 2013

Namakkullae 2014-2015


In a rainy Saturday of 13th December 2014,
a team of Old Gold SIP Friends joined the gathering of current students of SPC
to interact and deliver the motivation.

The Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami inaugurated the programme 'Namakkullae' and
welcomed the gathering with his soft address.

Mr. Jegarajan '79 initiated the proceedings in his own fashion.
Advised students to enjoy the Life but with limitations, that is, without affecting the mind and physique.
Like cinema, life also has two parts. The person who approaches life with fear, devotion and sincerity,
develop himself with immense knowledge and talent in the First part of his life,
definitely move forward and shine in the later part of his life, like the climax, he quoted.

Further motivated the students by conveying that, a 1974-77 student starving for food
during his Polytechnic Studies, is now the owner of more than eight factories around Chennai,
surviving more than 100 families, highlighting the transformation in the Polytechnic.
He also pronounced the fact that 2013-14 Final year Students got 100% placement in Campus and
advised the Students not to stop with Diploma but to continue with further higher studies.

Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami
Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami

  Mr. Thangapandian '98,
working as Junior Works Manager in
Ordinance Factory, Avadi,
started interacting with the Students freely.

He attributed his present Technical and
Communication proficiency
to the then HOD Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswamy,
Physics Lecturer Mr. Navilan and
English Lecturer Mr. Madhavan.

He also proudly expressed that
he got posting because of SIP's fame.

Mr. Thangapandian '98

  He emphasised the improvement of Technical Skills and advised the Students to learn
the basic concepts of Engineering and the minute theory of each mechanism keenly.
As a lot of opportunities in Governmentas well as in Private sector are awaiting to grab the good talents,
he insisted the students to study with utmost dedication.

As the aimless travel will not reach the goal of life, he urged the Students to finalise their future Goal after Diploma at the earliest, whether to continue studies or
to search for Job or what else he wants to be.

He also delivered that there are multiple Opportunities exists for
Diploma Holders in Government Sector, like Defense, Railways,
Government of India undertaking, State Government and
large Private Sector companies.

In Government, the Diploma Holders are offered Supervisory Category whereas in Undertakings, only Workman category is offered.
Since, the Government Sector is more favorable for the Diploma Holders
in the present scenario, he stressed upon the Students to get prepared
to face the Competitive Examinations.

  He encouraged the Students to continue their further studies thro' fulltime as well as in part time courses. But he cautioned the students
that though the part time higher education courses fetch promotion opportunities for the incumbent Government employees,
in some Government advertisements for fresh Recruitments they prefer only fulltime students and the part time students are not considered at all.
To overcome these difficulties and to achieve the goals in life, he asked the students to decide themselves first what they want to be.
He stressed upon maintaining the Dress code and
timing sense (Punctuality) and advised not to waste time.
Plan your work and life properly, explained with a chart
how an Ordinary work becomes an Urgent work.
He also expressed the following thoughts:
Raise Self confidence, Be proud of ourselves
Attribute makes man Beautiful, Store good things in Mind
If mind is good, Physique will be good and Keep clean.

Finally Mr. Thangapandian concluded by saying that 'Don't waste water, Electricity, Food and Fuel' and to raise our social responsibility by doing so.

After the tea break a game show was conducted by Mr. Jegarajan
and prizes were distributed to the participants of the Show.

Mr. Maharajan '97, who came all along from Hosur, took over the proceedings with his inspiring speech.
He asked the students to choose the right path, not to bother about the thorns and stones on the path
but take the pain to achieve the Goal.
He is proud about the Technical skills of the SPC Students, as they are strong in basics of Concepts and practically the Students from SPC outperform in debugging the root cause of the Engineering problems.
But he expressed little concern over the communication skills of the students, as he advised the Students to develop
the proficiency in Communication.

Mr. Maharajan '97

  He asked the students....
'Never give up Education and Engineering Practice'.

'Not to be shy of only having Diploma,
as a lot of Diploma pass out
from our Polytechnic are the living examples
of what a Diploma Holder can achieve'.

'Learn the subjects in depth and
not study only for pass'

He concluded, stressing upon the

In the video Conferencing Mr. Manikandan '98 from USA,
interacted with the Students and the Lecturers.
In spite of midnight and minus five degrees temperature at his place,
Mr. Manikandan was 'on line' from the beginning of the Namkkullae.

Mr. Madhavan, Lecturer interacted with Mr. Manikandan and expressed thanks to him, as he had developed an user friendly software to display Polytechnic Exam Results in the web site and the act enabled the Students, their Parents and Friends to view the Exam Results by sitting anywhere in the world.

Mr. Madhavan, Lecturer also requested Mr. Manikandan to create another Software for the "Operations of Examination Cell" of our Polytechnic and
Mr. Manikandan accepted to do so with cheer.

Now it comes the time for our highlight of the Programme.
Mr. Raju '77 and Mr. Elango '89, both travelled by Flight all along from Chennai and arrived the Polytechnic to deliver good to the students.
Their presence in the programme was worth listening as it was evident from the enthusiastic participation of the Students during their speech.

First Mr. Raju '77, introduced himself as a Diploma Holder till now
and advised the students not to bother for being a Diploma Holder,
as the qualification is immaterial,
but advised to improve the basic Engineering knowledge.

He revealed the positive side of Co-education
as it leads to competitive study.
He highlighted by saying that more than the undisputedly
"High Quality Education", our Polytechnic has inculcated
the special quality of "DISCIPLINE" in the minds of Students and
that lead to the present position of the Old Gold SIP Friends.
Our Polytechnic sharpens the talents of the Students.
He advised the Students to find out the weakness in them and rectify.


Not to be content with one's own Branch of study but to have the glimpse of the techniques
pertaining to other branches of Engineering also to acquire knowledge.
He expressed his happiness in saying that the Drawing class he had in SIP is now useful for him in fabrication works.

He also put forward a question "Who is an Engineer?". The answer "Engineer is an Engine to draw the Country"
was applauded by all and he expressed that "Only because of Engineers the Country Prospers"

He also stressed upon the fact that the last ranked Student from our Polytechnic can compete
with even the Graduate Engineers and
he recalled the advanced Laboratory facilities in our Polytechnic which is second to none of the other like Institutions.

He was proud to say that he had operated the Boiler furnace and Moulding plants during his Polytechnic days.
He expressed his heartiest gratitude to Mr. Raghavan, Workshop Superintendent for the workshop lectures.

"We can be proud that our Old Gold student Mr. Raju figured in Venthar TV and Puthiya Thalaimurai"

He also admired the Library facility in our Polytechnic as it contains the Books even from foreign countries like Europe, chekoslavakia, etc., He proudly added that now his own company is exporting Lubricating Pumps to Chekoslavakia.

Mr. Raju '77

He stressed upon...
'Decision Making', 'Time Management' and 'Communication Skill'.
He asked the Students not to bother about their weakness in English
as we Tamilians can easily learn English.

He expressed proudly that he travelled to Polytechnic by bicycle
during his Diploma Student life.
But because of the Polytechnic, he is now in to this elevation and
now he owns Eight Factories and Eight BMW Cars, applauded by all.

He put forward the fact that
the poverty in young stage is a tough one to bear,
but barring that he advised the Students to concentrate on Studies.

  In the past, Tamilians migrated to North India for Job.
But the situation now reversed,
a lot of North Indians are seen working in Tamil Nadu.

He wishes that in future, foreigners should come to India for Job.
He expressed his dream as he like to see the English people from London
to come to India for Employment.
Time is changing.

India has lot of Youngsters.
Indian Information Technology Persons have created
respect for India in the World market.
Mangalyan a great achievement, he quoted.

He added..... His father is his Hero.
After getting his own children only, he started thinking about his father and realized his father's sacrifice.
If Six out of Ten decisions work well, then the decision making is good and the person is deemed to be a Good manager.

Tirunelveli is a happy city with Tamiraparani River and other features.
The city is good for Entertainment. But there is no Industrial Revolution in total South India.
Look at the India's Map, it sharpens towards south, likewise people's brain also sharper.
Mr. Raju concluded insisting upon the "Devotion to Job"

Mr. Elango '89

At about 2.00P.M., the turn of Mr. Elango '89, a renowned motivator took over the stage.
He recalled his entry into SIP Hostel that he wore chappal for the first time,
at the entrance of Polytechnic Hostel only, he put in plain words.

Where as he completed his A.M.I.E within three and half years,
because of the transformation he had gone through in the Polytechnic.

He proudly declared that he worked under Dr. A.P.J. Abdulkalam.
Mr. Elango took major role in manufacturing Tank component for ISRO, which benefitted the country by Crores.

According to him the Victory formula is "THING BIG"
He resigned the Rs.20,000/- salary job as he was holding in Larson and Toubro to start Own Industry.
He stated that the Universe is so generous that it is waiting to offer everyone whatever they long for.

"Only the person who ask for, only will get."
The God will give everything requested from the bottom of Heart.
To get anything, one has to ask the Universe openly, whatever they want.

  He asked the Students to stand and ask for
by raising their hands above head, showing the palm upwards.

He explained the story of elephant tied with chain
during its younger stage and bound by the chain in its old age also, unaware of its original strength and
requested all the students to go forward with self belief,
realizing their own Talent and Strength.

"Don't believe in others. If one does believe on self...
There his success begins."

Mr. Elango '89 concluded by expressing that he has utmost confidence in the SPC Students that they will succeed because it is the property of the Soil.
Miss. Santhana Lakshmi, a Final year Student interacted with
Mr. Manikandan '98, USA thro' Video conferencing.

She expressed the worthfulness of the Programme.
The interaction was emotional as she expressed her disappointment of
not attending the previous years 'Namakkullae' and
the uncontrollable tears seen dropping from her eyes
like falls was the witness.

Mr. Alagu Venkatesh also a Final year Student
interacted with Mr. Manikandan '98.

Staff members of Sankar Polytechnic College...
Mr. Kasiviswanathan (Mech), Mr. Madhavan (English),
Mr. Murugan (Mech), Mr. Navilan (Physics),
Mr. Saravanan (EEE) and Mr. Sivasaialm(Mech) present at the entire proceedings were very much supportive in the arrangements and grand success of the Namakkullae.

The SIP Friends...
Mr. Michael Rovalance '78, Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram '79,
Mr. Antony Ravi '80, Mr. Namasivayam '80, Mr. Sakthivel '84,
Mr. Elakkuva Bhoopathi '87
and Mr. Rajkumar '96 also participated in the proceedings.

  The Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami concluded the Motivational programme 'Namakkullae'
with appreciation to the awesome response from the participant Students for making the Meet a splendid success.
He also thanked the efforts of Old Gold SIP Friends, came exclusively for this Meet and
delivering useful suggestions for the development of Students' career. He presented Memento to the Old Gold SIP Friends.

By around 3.00PM the programme came to a grand finish. The tiring participants were provided with Lunch.
All the Old gold SIP Friends also were provided good lunch with the Staff members of Sankar Polytechnic College.

The students were keen in observing the inspiring guidance delivered by the Old Gold SIP Friends during the programme and
after the programme the Students interacted with their Seniors individually regarding the development of Technical skill,
way to approach Interview, further Higher Studies and Opportunities etc.

Report by Mr. Mr. Elakkuva Bhoopathi'87