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Namakkullae 2013

Namakkullae 2012-2013

Mr. Michael Rovalance
Mr. Michael Rovalance

Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram
Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram


March 2, 2013, was a great Saturday
at Sankar Polytechnic College, Sankar Nagar, Tirunelveli,
the first-ever meet of SIP Friends (Alumni)
with the students at the college campus.

The special request made by
the Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami was fulfilled.

The Old Gold SIP Friends met the students and emphasised
the value of the Institution, shared their success stories and imparted encouragement, motivation and knowledge.

Eight member team Mr. Jegarajan '79, Mr. Antony Ravi '80,
Mr. Kannapiran '80, Mr. Sakthivel '84, Mr. Jayasomanathan '89,
Mr. Subbu Singh '89, Mr. Richard Dalvi '92 and Mr. Sundar '00 from Chennai
along with Mr. Michael Rovalance '78, Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram '79,
Mr. Namasivayam '80 and Mr. Saravana Kumar '09 from Nellai and
Mr. Michael Raj '81 from Coimbatore
joined together to successfully execute this interesting campaign.

The meeting hall was packed with over 125 students and their staff members.

The meeting was commenced by
the Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami,
with a warm welcome to the SIP Friends and
explaining the value of this program to the students.

Mr. Antony Ravi
Mr. Antony Ravi

Mr. Michael Raj
Mr. Michael Raj

Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami
Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami

Mr. Kannapiran
Mr. Kannapiran

Mr. Namasivayam
Mr. Namasivayam

Mr. Sakthivel
Mr. Sakthivel

Mr. Subbu Singh
Mr. Subbu Singh

Mr. Richard Dalvi
Mr. Richard Dalvi

Mr. Jayasomanathan
Mr. Jayasomanathan


'Namakkullae - 2013'
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Mr. Jegarajan started the program
with an inspirational speech blended with a prayerful presence,
divulged the importance of Mother, Father, Guru and God.
With the meditation initiated by Mr. Jegarajan,
Students offered prayers by remembering all their well-wishers
from their childhood to the present days with a 'powerful' word 'Nandri'.
He then gave an overview to the objectives of the meeting
with meaningful moral stories.

Followed by the introduction,
Mr. Michael Raj delivered a great session
on 16 key areas of discipline to become an Engineer:
'Commitment, People Oriented, Production Oriented, Time Management, Creativity, Communication Oral and Written, Team Builder, Cost Conscious, Waste Management, Decision Making, Motivation, Sympathy, Entrepreneur, Educator, Leadership and Creator.

Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram shared briefly about his life after SIP.
He stared his carrier in a hotel and the struggle he met
to become an officer in State Government now.
He delivered his speech very casually and friendly to the student
which ignited a confidence within them.


Mr. Sundar
Mr. Sundar


A fun-filled speech on Entrepreneurship was given by Mr. Sakthivel,
encouraging the students to start their own ventures.
He also explained how to start the business with the minimum investment.

Mr. Jayasomanathan talked about his growth in career, overcoming the obstacles.
He started his profession in quality control / management and
had taken lot of effort to go abroad and gain experience.

Mr. Richard Dalvi created a spark in the young brains through a video on Innovation and
emphasized the need of English communication and higher studies.

Mr. Subbu Singh narrated his experience stating,
he had started his carrier in Baroda and subsequently had the opportunity to visit
all the five continents and gained rich experience. As of now doing his own business.

Mr. Kannapiran swiftly explained the easy way to become an entrepreneur and
challenges he overcame.

Mr. Antony Ravi presented about the usage of Internet and
how is it useful to leverage their education. He also mentioned about several useful websites
like ,, etc.

Mr. Michael Rovalance gave a presentation on personal health
with encouraging quotes bringing health awareness in the students.

The students were excited and gave their feedback with more positive energy and
requested that this program should be repeated year on year.

On behalf of SIP Friends Welfare Trust, the Principal, staff members and students
were thanked for the opportunity and for their cooperation for the success of the program.

At the end, the Principal gave the Vote of thanks and
presented mementos to all the SIP Friends.

Mr. Jegarajan
Mr. Jegarajan

Report by Mr. Richard Dalvi '92 | Photos by Mr. A. Kannapiran '80 and Mr. Saravana Kumar '09