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Namakkullae 2013

Namakkullae 2013-2014

  On the fine Saturday, December 14, 2013, in SPC Campus,
a 15 member team of 'The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' assembled at the gathering of
about 225 Numbers of present day students of SPC
to have a friendly interaction and to give motivation.

At 10.25am the precious day started with 'Tamil Thai Vahzthu'

The Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami warmly welcomed the gatherings.

Mr. Jegarajan (1979) initiated the proceedings with the question of
requisite characters for being a good human being.
Patience, Discipline, Integrity, Braveness, Love, etc., were spelt by the students.
And the discussion concluded with 'LOYALTY'
as the foremost character for being a Good human being.

Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami
Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami


'Namakkullae 2013-2014'
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He stated that everyone should thank God in the Night and Morning
as the in-between sleep is the temporary death.
He stressed upon the importance of Parents,
as the Parents are awakening the children with good advises
when they slip away from right path.
He proudly attributed all the Old Gold Good SIP Friend's
present good position and upliftment in career to SIP only.

He also explained about the good and evil sides of the Face Book and cautioned the students to beware of that.

On Mr. Jegarajan's request, the students closed their eyes and
loyally paid tribute to their Mother, Father, Primary School Teachers,
High School Teachers, Polytechnic Lecturers and the Almighty for a minute.

The importance of communication and grasping capacity was insisted
by a small exercise. A paragraph of news from a Tamil Daily was read
by a student and others were asked to repeat the same.
The twisting and compressing of News after it passes
number of ears has been illustrated.
The twisting and compressing of News happens due to lack of Interest.

He strongly advised the students, during their collage days,
not to involve in Politics, Cinema and the Community Associations
as in all the three, the Leaders are the winners, not the followers.


Mr. Michael Raj

Mr. Michael Raj (1981) thanked
the Sankar Institute of polytechnic
with Mahakavi Subramania Bharathi's Poem.

He explained in detail with the interaction of
the students the six characters
which lead to Leadership quality.

He insisted that
one should follow Truth like Mahatma Gandhi,
Honesty like Karmaveeraar Kamarajar,
Patience like Nelson Mandela,
Simplicity like Mother Theresa,
show Sweetness like a Mother and
in Loneliness, one should dedicate himself to God.
If everybody follows these six characters in life scrupulously
it will elevate them to the Good Leadership and Managerial Position

In his conclusion he advised the students,
'To Dedicate their life to any one of the above six characters
as the other five will come automatically.'
For this he cited once again the life of Mahatma Gandhi.
As Gandhiji followed Truth from his childhood, other five characters also
followed him suit and he had been elevated to the 'Father of Nation'.

It was also remembered that the lighting of 'Kuthuvilakku' at the inauguration of
our Polytechnic in the year 1958 by Kalvi Kan Thirantha Kamarajar.
  Mr. Richard Dalvi (1992), motivated the students by
praising the Lecturers of Polytechnic as
he could develop an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) Software
on his own immediately after completing Diploma,
before acquiring his further higher qualifications.

Memory Improvement Technique was conducted by
Mr. Michael Raj, immediately after the Tea Break and
Prizes were distributed to the students, actively and
voluntarily participated in the event.

Mr. Richard Dalvi

Mr. Meenakshi Sundaram (1979)
started with
'SIP created lot of VIPs'
and encouraged the students
as they would be the future VIPs
after acquiring Diploma from SIP.

He also explained
about the Efficiency.

Mr. Meenakshisundaram

  The HIGHLIGHT of the day's proceedings was the Online Video Chat
by Mr. Manikandan (1998) from Colorado, Denver, USA.
In spite of the severe cold (-5°C) at 00.30 hrs in Colorado and
foregoing his sleep, he shared his experiences with the students.

He narrated his education, post education and working experiences.
The students enthusiastically interacted with Mr. Manikandan and
he replied all with smiling face.

Students enjoyed the programme and it is evident from the joyfulness of the students that this event should have kindled ambitious fire
in the minds of students aspiring foreign employment.
  Mr. Sundar (2000), shared his experiences
as he has completed Diploma at 24 years of age.
He worked in South Africa and now
he is working at New Delhi with very good salary.
The students were very eager to hear
his experiences of achieving the new heights
even after starting late.

As he came all the way from New Delhi
exclusively for this Namakkulae program,
everybody applauded his involvement towards SIP.

Mr. Sundar
Mr. Sundar

Mr. Saravanan

Mr. Saravanan (2001),
now working as
Infrastructure Project Manager
in Financial Software, Chennai and
he holds offer from IBM
with handsome salary.

He narrated ten characters
to be developed to succeed in life
through power point presentation.

• Passion
• Think Out of Box
• Situation Adoptability
• Handle Criticism
• Control Emotions
• Effective Communication
• Hard Work & Smart Work
• Mentoring
• Be a Leader
• Stay Connected
He explained each of these
vide appropriate illustrations and
the students were very much
delighted to hear
this wonderful presentation.

Mr. Avudaiappan

Mr. Avudaiappan (1987)
now working as
Head of Department in Civil Engineering
in National College of Engineering,
advised the students
to think globally and act locally.

He also added on balancing the life
with Money and Peace.
Mr. Asan Gani (1980)
working in Public Works Department
shared his experiences with the students.

He insisted upon the essentiality of
acquiring higher qualification
for achieving status
in the society at early ages.

Mr. Asan Gani

Mr. Antony Ravi (1980),
working in Larson and Toubro
came all along from Chennai
interacted with the students and
advised students
to be sincere and dedicated
to the studies,
to develop skills in communication and interested fields.

Mr. Antony Ravi

Mr. Michael Rovalance

Mr. Michael Rovalance (1978)
a Civil Engineer,
had 30 years working experience in Dubai, presented the HSE Awareness
(Health Safety and Environment)
thro' Power point presentation
with illustrative real time Videos.

He cautioned everybody
to be aware of Health Safety and
Environment hazards.

Mr. Ramaiah (1966), Mr. Kasi Visvanathan (1979),
Mr. Namasivayam (1980), Mr. Venugopal (1980),
Mr. Mohammed Younus (1981), Mr. Sakthivel (1984) and
Mr. Elakkuva Bhoopathi (1987) also took part in the event.

The Staff members of Sankar Polytechnic College
Mr. Madhavan, Sr.Lecturer - English, Mr. Navilan, Sr.Lecturer - Physics,
Mr. Murugan, Mr. Paramasivan, Mr. Saravanan and Mr. Sivasailam attended the event and
they were very helpful towards the grand success of the programme.

The Principal Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami, concluded the Motivational Meet of 'Namakkullae' with thanks
to the overwhelming response from the participant students for making the Meet a grand success and
the SIP Friends came exclusively for this meet and Mr. Manikandan (USA).
He presented all the SIP Friends with memento.

The 'Namakkullae' came to fantastic end by 2.30 pm with the National Anthem.

The tiring participants were provided with Lunch, sponsored by SIP Friends Welfare Trust.
All the SIP Friends had delicious lunch with the staff members of Sankar Polytechnic College.

Barring the lunch, the patient hearing and enthusiastic participation of the students
with anticipation of good advises from this meet for the upliftment of their career was witnessed by all.

Report by Mr. Elakkuva Bhoopathi (1987) | Photos by Mr. Maharajan (2014)