SIP Friends Welfare Trust

Grand Finalae Of
The Old Gold Good SIP Friends'
15th Year Family Meet
~ Nellai ~

The 15th Year Meet At Nellai on May 29, 2016

First Ever SIP Friends' Family Meet
In The SIP/SPC Campus Itself
After 15 Years Of Its Inception.

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The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Nellai 2016
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Before starting the day's proceedings
the gathering deeply mourned the demise of our beloved
Major. K. Ramaiah, 1966 DME & Retd., Sr. Lect.,
M. Thothathri, Chemistry Lecturer
K. Rajagopal 1963 DME
K. Veeraragavan 1964 DME
N. Subramanian 1985 DCE
N. Thangavasagam 1995 DEEE
Santhosh 1996 and M.H. Sheik Noorul Ameer 1994 DCT
by observing one minute Silence

Major. Late. K. Ramaiah was instrumental in the growth and development of SIP Friends, supported the cause by raising revenues amidst his busy schedule.


The day we were eagerly waiting for,
it's the First ever SIP Friends' Meet
in the holy land of Sankar Polytechnic,
where our Lecturers, the sacred people live eternally.

While remembering our Lecturers, our Polytechnic life is being recalled.
Polytechnic would have lost its greenery, But, not our evergreen memory.

There were about 300 participants, including more than 160 SIP Friends.

Mr. Kalidasa Krishnaswami, Principal, expressed his utmost pleasure
for the conduct of the Meet at Polytechnic campus, as it was his wish.
He praised 'Namakkullae' program as it gives motivation to the current students.
He requested the Senior SIP Friends
to share their experiences with the current Students.
He also announced that he is going to retire next year.

Mr. Jegarajan introduced Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan,
the Former Principal and Advisor,
'As Another Retired Youngster, sitting besides us'.

Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan praised 'SIP Friends Welfare Trust'
for having conducted the SIP Friends Meet continuously for 15 years.
He revealed that there were only 300 Students in three branches,
when he joined our Polytechnic at 1965.
Now the Polytechnic got developed and there are 1500 Students in the Campus,
pronounced proudly.
Our Students not only shine in Tamil Nadu or within India,
they excel in their endeavour all over the World as well, he was delighted.
When he went to New-Delhi, he heard a Tamil Voice 'Sir, How are you?'.
It was the voice of an Old Student, he was elated.
He blessed all to have good health, wealth and prosperity and concluded.

Mr. Jeyaraj, HOD, Civil Engineering, expressed the joy of working in SPC.
He requested the Senior SIP Friends who are running Industries to provide
Industrial visit arrangements for the current Students and
also requested the participants to Contribute Donations for Students Programs.
He also wished all the SIP Friends to conduct Batch Meets and
concluded by thanking for the opportunity.

Mr. Karthikeyan, '85, who performed his project work independently during his Studies, now running an own Industry at Coimbatore,
offered to provide Job opportunity for current year outgoing Students.

Mr. Chandrasekar, HOD Mech, put forward that he used to arrange the Industrial Visit
for Final Year Students during first week of August
to facilitate attending the Chennai Meet.
90 Final year Students took part in the Chennai Meet-2015, owing to this.
He thanked SIP Welfare Trust for arranging the accommodation for the students
during their Industrial Visit, every year.

  Mr. Madhavan, English Lecturer, joined Polytechnic in 1993 in place of Late. Viswanathan.
He revealed that only this Polytechnic given him the Life and
the gateway was provided by Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan.
Old Students not only have respect but also devotion to the Lecturers and Polytechnic.
He also appealed to the Current Students to meet the Old Students and learn from them.
The Mother Earth only taught us 'What is Life?', he concluded.
Mr. L. Srinivasa Raghavan, Retd. H.O.D.- Electrical, joined in Polytechnic during 1961 and retired during 1997,
revealed that so many Batch of Students came up in between.
He recalled the services of all the Electrical Lecturers.
He made clear that whatever the Students learn in the class room can be seen practically only in SIP Laboratory.
He concluded by wishing Good Health and bright Carrier in life to all the present and Old Students.
Mr. Jegarajan expressed that we were simply the raw clay when we entered into the Polytechnic,
Our Lecturers only gave us the proper shape and transformed us to utilisable pots.
He also described this Meet as a Historical Event, as '61s' are meeting '16s',
SIP Friends of 1961 are meeting SIP Friends 2016.

Mr. P. Balachandran, '61,
delighted visiting the Polytechnic after
an unbelievable gap of 55 years,
expressed that those days were Golden Days.
He is a Retired Assistant Executive Engineer
in Tamilnadu Electricity Board and
now residing at Chennai.
He admired 'SIP Welfare Trust' for conducting
the SIP Meet. He concluded by thanking all
for the opportunity.

Mr. V.P. Ganesan '63,
adorned the Principal post in
Tamilnadu Polytechnic at Madurai,
whole heartedly revealed that
SIP only raised him to good elevation.
He was also happy to disclose that
he was one among the members of
selection committee
which recruited our Polytechnic lecturers
Late. Ramaiah and Mr. Mayandi.


Mr. Paramasivam, '63, retried as H.O.D. Mech., served for 37 years in SIP,
thanked Mr. Dharmaraj, who helped him to join the Polytechnic.
He studied first two years in the Old Building and the Final year in the New Building.
He also revealed that he had done his Apprenticeship Training in Ponmalai Railway (Thiruchirapalli).
He divulged that Principal Late. Krishnamoorthy created a post especially for him and given to him,
because of his practical laboratory talents.
Management also helped him by giving training in Teaching and higher studies, B.Tech.
He is very much proud to have involved in the erection of all the Machineries in Polytechnic during 1965.
He is happy that those machines are being maintained in good condition till date.
In his tenure our Polytechnic won the award for Best project. In this regard he praised Mr. Murugan '78,
for the Wind Mill Project.
He also praised Mr. Sornavel '84, who is running Sri Lakshmi Industries at Tirunelveli.


Mr. Jegarajan explained
about the B2B Business Meets
which are very much useful
in the improvement of
Business of SIP Friends.

He also recalled that the
First Meet of SIP Friends
took place at Hotel Blue Star,
Tirunelveli Jn.,
Afterwards successive Meets
were conducted in
Vijaya Gardens,
sponsored by
Mr. Sekar Sundaram '81.

Mr. Sekar Sundaram '81, served 11 years in India Cements and 14 years in America,
admired the services of the Former Principals
Late. Krishnamoorthy and Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan.
He was an average student during his school days and after so many hardships,
Late. Krishnamoorthy, the then Principal only gave him the opportunity
to get admission in SIP and was also instrumental in getting him job
in India Cements, he quoted.
He also remembered Mr. R.S.R. for teaching him Computer.
He started his own Software Firm in the year 2000 and
110 employees are now working in his concern.
His Firm is now one among the top ten in Lowcode.
He was with the Hon'ble Prime Minister of India Mr. Narendra Modi
in Digitize India Platform.
God only show persons to help others. God showed Late. Krishnamoorthy to help him.
Mr. Sekar Sundaram also follows his footsteps and
helps others on all possible ways, he concluded.

Mr. Veeraraj '66, at the age of 72, remembered his class mate,
Late. Ramaiah, who passed away recently.
He recalled his Polytechnic Life. He joined Tamilnadu PWD in 1966 and constructed the prestigious Trichy Regional Engineering College and Tuticorin Polytechnic Buildings.

Discipline only let me complete my 36 years of Government Service without any remarks, he quoted.
He proudly declared that he received Rs. 600/-
as his first monthly Salary in 1966,
but now he receives monthly pension of Rs.25000/-
"Be Honest... Honesty can never be defeated", concluded.
Mr. Rajaram '68,
was delighted to visit
Polytechnic for the first time,
since passing out his Diploma.

His elder brother also studied
in SIP, 1961 Batch.
He and his Cousin
Mr. Ramamurthy studied
in 1968, he revealed.
Now he got retired
from Business and doing well.

Mr. Jegarajan introduced
the Senior SIP Friends
contributing to
the Prize money being
distributed every year
to the meritorious Students.

Mr. Ramamurthy '68, who is donating Prize money presently.

Mr. Rajagopalan '67, offered
to double the Prize Money.

Mr. Krishnamurthy '73,
pronounced that he scored
only meagre marks and
showed his mark Sheet.
He went to Bombay with his
friend's help.
He got Electrical Chargeman Post
in Railways and got subsequent
elevation to become
Junior Engineer in 1977.
He attributed all his upliftments
to the Soil of SIP.
  Ms. Saranya '16, D.E.C.E., got selected
through campus Interview to
M/s. Mando Company and working
with a reasonable monthly salary,
declared that she likes to speak
in similar stages in future also,
after some years.
She also likes to see all the SIP Friends
joining together in mammoth numbers.

Mr. Balakrishnan '12, one of the coordinator in Hosur Meet – 2015 and subsequent Bangalore Meet - 2016.
He is a rank holder in SPC. He continued his B.Tech
in GCE, Tirunelveli and again became Rank holder.
He got job in Karnataka because of
Mr. Maharajan '97, he revealed.
He proudly said that the laboratory facilities in our
Polytechnic are superior to Engineering Colleges and
Our Polytechnic imparts
double the Practical knowledge to Students.

Mr. Balakrishnan '09, introduced himself as he worked as Workshop Superintendent in Gangaikondan Tyre Industry.
Mr. Aravind '10, thanked everybody for giving him the stage. He thanked all the Lecturers who all were instrumental in his upliftment.

Mr. Janakiraman '85, revealed that he joined as Workshop Instructor in SIP, subsequently worked as Lecturer in Lakshmiyammal Polytechnic for 14 years and now he is Professor in PSN Engineering College, Melathidiyur.
He praised Maths lecturer Late. Kaleeswaran.
He offered Job for Diploma holders at Rs.7500/- to Rs.10000/- monthly salary. He also offers admission at PSN Engineering College, Melathidiyur
at Rs.40,000/- yearly fees.

Mr. Venkatraman, working in M/s. Brakes India Ltd., proudly declared that his Bosses in M/s. Brakes India Ltd. are from SIP.
He proudly concluded
that he attended Chennai Meet for all the 14 years.

Mr. Jegarajan exposed that Late. Sankararamasubramanian, Retd. HOD – Civil, used to get only SIP in his Dream.
Mr. Ravichandran '85, working as senior Section Engineer
in Railways introduced his friend Mr. Saravanan '85,
the Motivation Writer, who is the author of Books
'Pesa Pesa Kasu', 'Vetri Venduma' and Poetic compilation 'Kathambam'.

Mr. Saravanan '85, went back to recall his memories of
Polytechnic Silver Jubilee Function in which
Hon'ble Chief Minister Late. M.G. Ramachandran and
Hon'ble President Late. Venkatraman took part.
He also recalled the Character of 'Sathasivam' he performed
in the Silver Jubilee Drama. He concluded admiring the
Services of Former Principals Late. Krishnamoorthy,
Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan and all Lecturers.
The time for prize distribution to the Meritorious Students.

All the Top Three Rank Holders
from Civil, Mechanical, Electrical,
ECE and Computer Branches
were awarded with
Rs.4000/-, Rs.2000/- and Rs.1000/-
for 1st 2nd and 3rd places.

All the SPC Staff were presented with Mementos.


Mr. Syed Ahamed '83, also recalled his memories of Polytechnic
Silver Jubilee function as well. He expressed gratitude to his Lecturers.
He had written competitive exam for NLC, Neyveli,
but he chose the private sector.
He is running an Women's Arts College, where 850 Students are studying
and 1000 students comprising 9 Batches were already passed out
from his College so far.
He is also running Almathina CBSE School with his Charitable Trust.
He attributed all his developments to SIP.

The depth of relation with SIP cannot be measured, he expressed,
SIP's evergreen memories are deeply scripted in the inner heart.
He concluded by recalling his Civil Lecturers and
assured his support in contribution of good things to Polytechnic.

Mr. Jeeva '78,
now working as
Assistant Executive
in Highways
at Chidambaram,
praised Lecturers
and revealed
to be proud of
in this Polytechnic.

As usual delicious Lunch was provided to all the participants.
Post Lunch the Thambola game was conducted and the winners were presented with prizes


Mr. Suryanarayanan introduced
himself as an average Student,
he passed RCC Exam only with the
help of Lecturer Mr. Sethuraman,
he dedicated.
He is concerned about the present environment, which is worrying.
He likes to eradicate Castism.
Mr. Avudaiyappan '87, holding four Master Degrees,
now Principal of St. Xavier's Polytechnic, Seydunganallur, suggested to 'Accept the people as they are'.
He also opined that Lecturers shall have to tune
themselves to match the students
to have positive attitude.
He concluded felicitating the Participants and advising youngsters to complete higher studies before marriage.
  Mr. Krishnamoorthy ’91,
came all along from Singapore,
revealed that he comes to Polytechnic
for the first time since passing out.
He recalled their 25th year Meet of 1991 Batch
at Hotel Aryaas, Tirunelveli Jn., on 7th May 2016.
He thanked the persons worked hard to bring
123 numbers of 1991 Batch Mates together
for the Silver Jubilee Celebration.

Mr. Mehalingam ’80,
now Assistant General Manager
in M/s. Ashok Leyland
voluntarily assured to arrange
for Industrial Visit for
the Current year Students
at M/s. Ashok Leyland.

Mr. Kalidasa Krishnaswami,
Principal, appealed the participants
to donate 'Stages for Class Rooms'.
Instantly, 1986 Batch Students
organised within themselves and
donated Rs:15,000/- for providing
stages in Class Rooms.
They also assured of contribution
to provide further stages
in near future.

Lucky Draw was conducted based on Attendance and the prizes were distributed to four Participants.

Mr. Jegarajan requested the Lifetime Achievers to contact him and to participate in ‘Namakkullae’ program and motivate the Students.




Mr. Jegarajan concluded the Meet

15 years is a small Milestone,
A lot to travel hereafter....

Will be Together Forever in Friendship
Will Meet Again and Again
Will Achieve Again and Again

At the end of the Meet,
all the Participants were presented with Mementos.

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The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Nellai 2016
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Report by Mr. Elakkuva Bhoopathi '87