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The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Nellai ~ 31-05-2015

14th Year Nellai Meet


Mr. R. Anantha Rama Krishnan

The 14th Year SIP Friends Family Meet held at Tirunelveli
at the Vijaaya Garden's Golden Hall on the Last Sunday of May, 31.05.2015

First time, in the history of Nellai Meet, the Meet was conducted in the day hours,
considering the difficulties of the participants especially of the friends from other stations and the female participants, due to the night return travel during the Evening Meets in the past.
The idea worked and it attracted overwhelming response,
as a lot of SIP Friends with more female members gathered in good numbers.

More than 170 participants, including 122 SIP Friends take part in the meet.
At around 11.00 A.M. Mr. Thanga Pandian '98, Junior Works Manager in Ordinance Factory, Avadi
welcomed the gathering of SIP Friends from all over the World.

The Proceeding started with the mourning for the SIP Friends, who left us during the last year...
S. Arumugam, '79 DEE (11.8.2014)
Subash Chandra Bose, '81 & Sr. Lecturer – Electrical (11.10.14)
Velayuthamoorthy, '05 DME (2.12.14)
Ramasubramanian, Retd. Supdt., (28.3.15)
P.S. Yousuf, Retd. Lab Asst., (6.4.15)
The participants observed one minute silence and paid tribute to the departed Friends.
'May their souls rest in peace'

Mr. R. Kalidasakrishnaswami

The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Nellai 2015
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To start with the Meet, the Participants sung Tamil Thai Vaazhthu.
Mr. Thanga Pandian welcomed the SIP Friends and also the parents accompanying with the participants.

Mr. N. Murugan '78 works with BHEL, Trichy proudly presented himself
as he holds AMIE, M.Tech., from MIT, Trichy and PhD. Doctorate in Wind Energy
All his successful endeavors were constructed over the SIP base, he added.
He described the Sankar Institute of Polytechnic as Temple.


'When there is work, there will be a problem'
He pronounced that every day is a learning day.

He advised the youngsters to update their Technical Skills and
to have good exposure to Computer. Diploma is a good base,
but the youngsters shall have to pursue higher studies
to cope up with the fast growing Technological world.

'It is very simple to be difficult…
But, It is very difficult to be Simple', he quoted.
Mr. Murugan concluded by insisting the youngsters to develop themselves very strong in fundamentals.


Mr. Murugan remembered the Mechanical Lecturer
Mr. Ganapathynarayanan, who put forth that
the credit goes to the Lecturers of SIP as they impart subject into the minds of the Students.

He also praised the SIP Friends Welfare Trust
for sustaining its contribution for meet the friends.

He advised Students to appear for
GATE Examination, which he described as the Gateway for Government Jobs.

Mr. Parkunam '67 said that he acquired good Education, friendship and good characters
like loving others etc. in SIP. He delivered his experience that students from SIP are preferred
in Interview for Jobs as the foundation laid by the SIP is very strong.

He requested all the participants to come to the Dias, present themselves and to get the blessings of
our beloved Lecturers. He concluded with hearty Thanks to the beloved Lecturers.

Mr. Vaigundanambi  '07,
worked with CCCL previously
presented himself as he is presently employed in
M/s. India Cements, after completing his Part time B.E. in Tirunelveli College of Engineering.

He highlighted the present scenario of working atmosphere for the Civil Engineers, as they are required to work with labours from Hindi belt.
He humbly requested our Polytechnic Management
to take initiatives to give basic Hindi coaching
for the Students of our Polytechnic.

Mr. Kandasamy '75 introduced himself as he has joined as Overseer in PWD, subsequently got promoted to Junior Engineer and retired as Assistant Executive Engineer. He is experienced in Flood carrier works.

He emphasized on the eradication of Corruption in our Country.
Persons aiming to become much richer only are committing mistakes, he added.
He briefed the importance of linking the Aathar Cards, Bank Accounts and
Family card details.
Foreign countries are very much controlled in corruption, he quoted.
He insisted everyone to work hard with mental satisfaction and
then only our country will prosper.
'Face External pressures boldly. Then only, one can shine in Life', he ended.


'Mr. A. Murugan '80
working in BHEL
introduced himself as
he worked in
Boiler Production Unit
and now holds
the key position
in the Purchase department
of BHEL.
He contributed his elevation
to the Lecturers of SIP and
the Love of God.


Mr. Udaiyar '76 working in Border Roads Organisation as Assistant Executive Engineer
and due to retire in the June 2015, started by paying thanks to our beloved Lecturers.
He stated that he didn't stay at home even for a single day after passing the Diploma.
He started his carrier as Technical Assistant in Highways and he proudly pronounced
that he is drawing Government Salary during his entire Service.
He quoted that 'Profession is his first priority and family next' because
the social respect one gets is only because of the Profession and the Position he holds.
All the SIP Friends working with Border Roads Organisation are well placed and
shining in the profession.
He expressed his happiness as he is lucky enough to visit Vaishnavi Devi Temple,
Ajmeeri Gate and Rishikesh etc., during his tenure in Border Roads Organisation.
Now-a-days, as the access is so much to acquire and improve knowledge,
he insisted everybody to update knowledge.

  Mr. Thanga Pandian
who compered the proceedings,
praised his colleague in Ordinance Factory,
Mr. Marikannan '87, a SIP Product
who has grown into an expert in solving
Electronics Equipment Problems.

He also proudly expressed that
Mr. Marikannan had been awarded by
the Defense Ministry for his excellence and
service he rendered to the Defense.
It's the pride of Sankar Institute of Polytechnic.
Mr. Kannan 2000, an altogether a different personality in the gathering came to the Dias and
for everybody's surprise, he is now Tamil Film Director Mr. Selvakannan.
Yes, he is a Cinema Director and he founded 'B-Star Productions'
with the participation from the Year 2000 Batch SIP Friends and
the Film Shooting is likely to take off in the month of August 2015.

This is the first time in the World that Students of a batch combine together form a Production House.
He also expressed that he is indebted to SIP Friends Welfare Trust,
as through our Trust only he collected the communication details of hundred SIP Friends of 2000 Batch
who all partnered to form the Production House.

'We the SIP Friends wish B-Star Production House for the Himalayan Success'

Mr. Sivasubramanian '91, an Entrepreneur,
now employing 17 persons in his Industry
proudly announced tha
he had acquired Six Non-Technical Diplomas.

He expressed that the SIP inculcated Good habits
into the minds of the Students
even without the knowledge of the Students.

'Creating opportunities for the next Generation is
the give back to our beloved lecturers' he quoted.

Mr. Venkatachalam '88,
now in Administration by profession,
recalled the quote
as said by our beloved Retd. Principal
Mr. Anantahramakrishnan,
'Pistol is not required for killing mosquito'.

Business Administration has been taught in the SIP itself,
he added.
He also wished the SIP friends
to form Group among ourselves to help ourselves.


Mr. Krishnamurthy '73 joined in Vijay Tankers, Bombay
in the year 1974 for a meager salary of Rs.200/-,
proudly declared that he achieved the monthly salary of Rs.1,15,000/- as Motorman at the time of Retirement and
now he receives the monthly Pension of Rs.55,000/-.

He advised the Students not to get fatigue
because of the occasional failure in Examinations.

'Tireless Efforts will yield Good Results. The Scolding of the Parents and Lecturers are for our good only', he added.

Mr. Nagarajan '81 quoted,
'I am not a Single man. I am in a Thoppu'

He wished everybody to update with
latest communication Techniques like Whatsapp etc., and advised to share the knowledge.

As the consistency of the students are evaluated
based on the average of scores in all the Semesters,
he advised the Students to score in all the semester Examinations.

Now it came, the prize distribution for the Meritorious Students of the year 2015.
Mr. Ramamurthy  '68 with his family, volunteered to contribute the prize money
for the Meritorious Students every year, hereafter.

On behalf of our SIP Friends Welfare Trust,
'M.C. Narasimhan Cash Prize' and 'Certificate of Appreciation' were presented
to the 'Top15' meritorious candidates of 2012-2015 of our Polytechnic.

The Principal Mr. R. Kalidasakrishnaswami declared the names of the Meritorious Students and
Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan, Retd., Principal / Advisor, distributed the 'Certificate of Appreciation' and Mrs. & Mr. Ramamurthy  '68 presented the ''M.C. Narasimhan Cash Prize' '

The Principal Mr. R.Kalidasakrishnaswami
expressed deep grief for the sad demise of Mr. Subash Chandrabose during last year,
as it is a great loss to the Polytechnic.

The Principal proudly declared that this year result is good and
our Polytechnic is getting good response in Applications.
He attributed the pride of polytechnic to the Old students and
assured to safeguard the pride of Sankar Institute of polytechnic.

As this year onwards, the Meet is conducted in day time,
he wished to conduct the next '15th Year Meet' at the polytechnic campus itself,
assuring of the cooperation from the Polytechnic Administration for that.
He insisted upon forming useful groups among the SIP Friends
for the exchange of Knowledge / Facilities.

Mr. Meeran, an office bearer of the 'Viyabarigal Sangam' and father of
Mrs. Rigana Banu '15, who got 3rd prize in Meritorious Award also shared his thoughts.
'All cannot do Social Service. Money is not enough,
but one should have the mindset to serve', he quoted.
'The SIP Friends Welfare Trust has the mind to do Social Service', he added.
He praised efforts and pains taken by the Principal and the Lecturers,
as they treat the students as their own children.
He requested the Students to be conscious with 'Duty, Dignity and Discipline'.
He concluded assuring of his support for the prosperity of Polytechnic
through the 'Viyabarigal Sangam'

The Gathering blessed the young couple Mrs. Rigana Banu '15 and her Spouse,
who got married recently.

Mr. Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan, Retd., Principal / Advisor, expressed that
he is getting chillness in Heart beyond 'Agni Natchathiram', by attending this Meet.

He reminded that lots of Technical advancements are coming up and
machines are there everywhere.
As such he advised the SIP Friends to improve and update the knowledge
so that the fast changes in the growing world can be smoothly negotiated.

'I am very much pleased to hear the Praising of Polytechnic by the Students,
as I have a small role in it', he proudly expressed and concluded by greeting the SIP Friends.

Mr. Ravichandran '85 working as Senior Section Engineer in Railway thanked the Principal and Lecturers.

After the delicious buffet Lunch it was the relaxing time.

Tambola Game was conducted and Four Prizes were distributed to the Winners
First three prizes went to Females.
The last but the mega prize won by two male participants, combine.
It's for the surprise of the participants,
the Senior participant who happened to be the co-winner received the prize and
voluntarily handed over the prize in full to his Junior participant, the another co-winner.
All the Participants appreciated the act.
The participants enjoyed the Game.

The Meet came to the end by 3.30 P.M. with the Vote of Thanks by Mr. Jegarajan.

The SIP Friends met with their batch mates and mingled with
other batch Friends also to share their ideas, Sweet memories and happiness.

SIP Friends of some Batches still not contented continued their meeting in the Golden Hall itself, even after the end of the Meet.

Altogether one more Pleasurable Day… this took the SIP Friends to their College days.

The Friends left the Hall longing for the next Meet…

Report by Mr. S. Elakkuva Bhoopathi '87 | Photos by Mr. R. Petchiappan '15