SIP Friends Welfare Trust

The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Nellai

13th Year Nellai Meet


It was a hot sun shining evening challenging the spirit of SIP Friends gathering at ‘The Golden Hall’ in Vijayaa Gardens, Nellai.
The Friends were marching like honey bees towards Honey comb.

Mr. R. Kalidasakrishnaswami

Mr. R. Anantha Rama Krishnan

Mr. N. S. Meenakshisundram

Mr. R. Nandakumar

The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Nellai 2014
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The 13th Year Nellai Meet commenced
with the welcome address by Mr. Jegarajan,
along with the condolence note for
Late. Dhanu Pillai, Sr. Lecturer Electrical,
Late. Ganapathy Narayanan, Lecturer Mechanical and
Late. Subbiah, SIP Friend 1965.
The gathering observed one minute silence
for the departed souls and prayed for their souls to rest in peace.

To start the agenda of the day,
the three of our own SIP Girls sang the Tamil Thai Vazhthu.


Mr. A. Kannan 1978, working in
South Central Railway in Secondrabad,
expressed his happiness
for attending the meet and
his pride to be an SIP Friend.
He also thanked
SIP Friends Welfare Trust for organising
such a wonderful friend's meet.

Mr. T. Varadharajan 1984, working in Qatar,
as a Construction Manager,
took part in the meet with his family.
He expressed his willingness to help
the SIP Friends who want jobs in abroad.

Mr. N. S. Meenakshisundram 1964,
Retd. H.O.D. Mech., along with
Mr. R. Nandakumar, Retd. Jr. Instructor,
retired as a Sr. Scientist worked in Pune
came from Bangalore to attend this meet.
They recalled their days at SIP and
also thanked SIP Friends.

Mr. Murugan '78 fondly called as
"Wind Mill Murugan" by all SIP Friends,
attended the meet with the starting comments
'Taste sugar; then only you know it is sweet'.
Similarly if you attend SIP Friends Meet
then you will find the taste of it.

To encourage the younger friends,
he narrated with examples of Rubber and
Carbonised tyres for earthlings in automobiles.

He advised that to achieve in ones engineering career,
think about engineering for all 24 Hours.
He thanked all the Senior Staffs of SIP for their contribution towards moulding the students.

He also mentioned about the correspondence course for BE available in Rajasthan University, also week end classes for M. Tech students in Trichy.


Mr. Sankar Narayanan 1963,
retired Vice Precedent – Foundry,
now working as a Consultant
for Foundry Industry.

He advised the younger
generation to love their job,
so that one can earn
knowledge and prosper.

He thanked SIP for formulating
a strong technical foundation
that helped him
in his entire career.

He also fondly remembered
Mr. Venugopal HOD and
Principal Late G. Krishnamoorthy.


Mr. M. Subash Chandran 1993
working for Marine shipping Industry,
was taking about the rough sea and
his meeting with different people
across the world.

Working with 95000 KW Diesel Engine in Ship,
he feels so happy about
what he learned is seen in practical working life.

He also explained about
the career growth in Shipping Industry and
the tough life in ship
that is, 6 months in sea and 6 months in land.

Mr. K. Thirumalaikumar ’93,
also working in shipping Industry
along with his friend.

He narrated a nice story and
gave a moral as well,
taking care to select words
in such a way that
it pleases the listener.

On behalf of our SIP Friends Welfare Trust,
'Cash Awards' and 'Certificate of Appreciation' were presented
to the 'Top10' meritorious candidates of 2011-2014 of our Polytechnic.

Mr. R. Kalidasa Krishnaswami, Principal, declared the names of the meritorious students and
Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan,
Mr. Sekar Sundaram '81 and
Mr. Murugan '78 presented the 'Cash Award' and the 'Certificate of Appreciation'


Out of many, two Project Works,
done by the Final Year Students during their Final Semester,
were displayed and demonstrated by The Project Work Team Members.

They were
'Ambulance Tracking System' and
'Ultrasonic Range Detector'.

Both the Project Works were much appreciated.
The 'Certificates of Appreciation' were issues
to the Project Work Team Members.


Mr. Kalidasa Krishnaswami, Principal, requested the old students
to share their Technical knowledge through email or CDs.
He also wants more information about Smart Class
which uses internet, websites and PPTs.

He had appreciated very much the ‘NAMKULAE’ program
which was conducted by SIP Friends Welfare Trust to the students. He wants to conduct more such programs atleast once in two or three months with more new information and ideas, which will be helpful for the students. He asked the friends to keep in touch and send more and more information.

He also thanked SIP Friends Welfare Trust for organising such a useful event. He also thanked the Sr. retired staffs members who had presented over the function.


Mr. Sekar Sundaram, one of the Trustees of SIP Friends Trust, expressed his happiness, since he is attending the meeting after couple of years.
He was all in praises for Mr. R.S. Ramasamy his Electrical lecturer for transforming him from an Electrical Engineer to a successful Computer Engineer.
He started his career with a salary of Rs.12 per day. Later he gone to America and worked there for one and half years, gained experience and
started his own company in India and now he is proud to say he is the MD of his own company called ‘Global Software Solutions’.

He felt happy to announce that he had opened a new branch at Siruseri IT Park,
worth 10crs of investment.

‘When you have knowledge, people are ready to listen to you.
Because of the computer knowledge I gained,
I am able to talk to Executive Directors of World Bank’ he quoted.

He also advised on the importance of learning
additional languages, especially the national language Hindi.

He also mentioned that the ‘Golden Hall’ will be available for
'SIP Friends Meet' for ever and it is MD’s function,
so all requirements will be taken care of.
He had requested the friends to extend good support to
SIP Friends Welfare Trust.


Mr. Ramesh Babu talked about
his institution
which supports for
higher education
through distance education
available in
Rajasthan University,
Karnataka University
and Madurai Kamaraj University.

Mr. Vanamurthy '94, started his career with
Rs: 3000/- salary and
now has grown to become DGM.

He knows 14 languages and encourages all
to learn more languages
which helps for career growth.

He emphasises that one must try and give
ones effort in unique and
challenging area so that
one will get due reward for it without
much of competition.


Mr. Raja '13 started his career in Smithy and now working for
TITAN industries who manufactures components of Aero space Industry.

Take control of Interviewer when you attend the interview and
to keep explaining your strong area where you have good knowledge,
so that you can talk more and get selected for job.

Mr. Ananda Rama Krishnan former Principal narrated that he joined SIP in the year 1964 and
worked for 37 years and is very happy. He said he loved his job and now he loves his life too.

He appreciated the efforts of SIP Friends Welfare Trust
for organising such wonderful meetings in Chennai, Nellai and other cities also.
He blessed the friends by praying unto God.

Mr. Jegarajan thanked the entire forum and made special thanks to Mr. Sekar Sundaram
for sponsoring the event by providing the ‘Golden Hall’.

The meeting came to an end with the delicious food, and the friends departed with much anticipation of the next meeting.

Report by Mr. D. Antony Ravi '80 | Photos by Mr. S. Navarajan '77 and Mr. Saravana Kumar '09