The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Nellai ~ 26-05-2013
12th Year Nellai Meet

Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan,
Retd., Principal / Advisor

In the hot month of May
In the warmth of the last Sunday Evening
Happened to be the next day
Following the Full Moon day
Lots of SIP Friends were happily
Assembled at Vijaaya Gardens, Tirunelveli
To cherish the Evergreen Memories
Of their college days

At 5.45pm
despite of the IPL Finals
almost the entire arrays of chairs were
occupied by the Old Gold Good Friends
with face full of smiles.

Mr. Jegarajan '79 initiated the proceedings of the colourful evening with thanks
to the Almighty.
He referred to this meet as a holy festival like Diwali, Pongal, Ramzan etc.
as it comes once in a year.

Mr. Balaji '06 delivered the welcome address. He recalled his college memories of
his selection to Wind Energy Company thro' Campus Interview and his subsequent working in SKM Bearings.
He thanked all the lecturers and attributed his present position and profession to the education and disciplinary instructions inculcated by the Sankar Polytechnic Institution.


Mr. Balaji '06

Ms. Chitra '13

The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet
~ Nellai 2013 ~
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Mr. Thangapandian '05

Mr. Nallasivam '13

Mr. Krishnan '64

Mr. Nallasivam '13, selected in TVS thro' Campus,
highlighted the importance of this meet
as the meet gives the participants exposure to professionals, entrepreneurs and achievers.

Mr. Krishnan '64 who was bound to go to Chennai from Trivandrum
rearranged his journey from Tirunelveli to Chennai to attend this meet with his family.
He expressed his happiness in participating in the SIP Friend's Family Meet.
He recalled his service with Best and Crompton.

Mr. Selvamuthu '13 put forward his delight in selection to TVS thro' Campus and
his appointment in the coming August.

Mr. Thangapandian '05 was much excited,
as he came in flight from abroad exclusively to attend this meet.
He is working as fire and safety officer in Government Hospital, Qatar.

Mr. Meenakshisundaram '79 remembered the "NAMAKKULLE 2013"
a motivation training conducted by the 13 member team of SIP Friends Welfare Trust.
He praised Mr. Murugan '78 for his Windmill Project.
He stressed the importance of the participation of members in this meet.
He also praised the sustained efforts of the SIP Friends Welfare Trust and
maintaining website and hard work in organizing meets.

Mr. Meenakshisundaram '79

Mr. Ramaiah '66

Mr. Ramaiah '66, Sr. Lecturer (Retd.), expressed that
the advisor Mr. Ananatharamakrishnan and
himself are attending this meet in spite of their old age.
As such he requested the Old Students to initiate their friends to attend the meet in large numbers.
He praised Mr. Sekarsundaram '81, the Proprietor of
M/s. Global Software, for employing over 50 students of
Sankar Polytechnic College.

Mr. Ramaiah also stated his new portfolio,
the President of "Fraternity of Retired Diploma Engineers of Tamilnadu (FORDET)",
Tirunelveli Zone comprises of Tirunelveli, Tuticorin and Kanyakumari districts.
His speech and authoritative actions were praised by everyone.
As of now we look at him with wonder as the 'Markandeyan" of our Era
as he shows the same activeness in speech and tireless service at this age".
  Mr.Veeraraj '66 recalled his student life in Schafter School and how his Head Master
used to come to school in uniform and set an example for discipline.
He recalled his PUC studies in more disciplined St. Xavier's College and
his most disciplined polytechnic life during 1963-1966.

He praised Sankar Polytechnic College and high quality teaching by the lecturers
for his achievements in life. He thanked God, parents and lecturers.
He also shared his memories of attending Polytechnic early morning 7.15am,
connected train Journey from Tirunelveli to Thalaiyuthu and return, and
the breakfast at M/s. Sankar Cement's Canteen.

As a straight forward person during his entire Service in Tamilnadu Public Works Department,
he advised the youngsters, not to be slave for money and give a call
to create a corruption free environment.
He praised the services of Diploma Engineers and finished with the slogan "True work pays off".

Mr.Veeraraj '66

Mr. Michael Revelon '78

Mr. Michael Revelon '78 shared his experiences working in Gulf countries.
He briefed on the topic of “Fake Companies”.
He advised the young generation not to fall scapegoat
to the advertisement of the fake online recruiting companies.

He explained that mostly the fake companies used to advertise in a mega letter pad
offering placement for the post from top to bottom, that is, from Manager to Peon and
they will request to furnish the details of Name, Address, Phone Number and Bank A/c Details.

He advised the participants to check the company’s address and phone number
through Yellow Pages of that country, before contacting them and
not to disclose the Bank Details as they may loot our savings without our knowledge.

Mostly the fake companies display their advertisements in uppercase letters and
sometimes they may send appointment orders for the candidates
who have not even applied for Job.
In such cases, he cautioned the candidates to be vigilant.


Mr. Lakshmanan '62

Mr. Namasivayam '67

Mr. Murugan '78

Mr. Lakshmanan '62,
a retired engineer from Tamilnadu Electricity Board (TNEB)
expressed his happiness in attending the meet and requested
the SIP Old Gold Good Students to participate the like meets,
as the communication with persons of knowledge and experience
will motivate the participants.

Mr. Sarkunam '67 also a retired Engineer from TNEB,
thanked the principal and lecturers of our institution
for their valuable contribution to the students.
He likes the duty, dignity, discipline and punctuality
followed by the SIP students as they are taught for.
He mentioned that preference is given
to the SIP Students over others in interviews and
he happily emphasized that 'Only SIP Student can compete with all'
and wished all the SIP students, because they are SIP's pearls.

Mr. Kasiperumal '67 shared his career
with M/s. India Cements during 1968-1981 and
his foreign endeavor in Gulf Companies.
He thanked our former Principal Late. Krishnamoorthy and
attributed his position to the Sankar Institute of Polytechnic.

Mr. Namasivayam '67 also a retired Engineer from TNEB
emphasized on the selfless service of the lecturers and
reiterated that the 'Teachers should be respected as God'.
He promised to bring more members along with him
for the next year Nellai Meet.

Mr. Michael Raj '81 introduced all the 91 participants
by Name, Year of Study and Branch.
This enabled the participants to identify their friends and reunite.

Mr. Murugan '78, presently DGM in BHEL, Trichy,
pronounced his acquiring PhD., Degree amidst the ovation of
entire participants.
He explained the difference between the Manager and Leader, that is,
the Manager completes job and the Leader plans for future and has the vision.
He also remembered his practice of attending polytechnic at 7.15am
as it has been helping him in attending his daily duty
at BHEL by 8.00am.
He also recalled his Tamil Medium studies upto SSLC and English Medium in Polytechnic.
He quoted his heartiest remembrances to all the lecturers of SIP by naming them individually.
He explained about the hearing aids and
advised not to use the head phones frequently.
He mentioned former Principal Late. Krishnamoorthy, as a rolemodel.
He added his experience during Admission in SIP and
the final year Windmill project experience.
He concluded with an advice to the fellow Engineers to concentrate on Core Engineering Subjects, which is the need of this era.

Mr. Sarkunam '67

Mr. Kasiperumal '67

Mr. Michael Raj '81

The SIP Friends Welfare Trust wishes Mr. Sekarsundaram (1981) for his new endeavour,
a branch of Global Software at Chennai.
Inspite of his absence he made all his contributions as alway stowards the success of the 12th Nellai Meet.

On behalf of our SIP Friends Welfare Trust, 'Cash Awards' and 'Certificate of Appreciation'
were presented to the 'Top10' Meritorious candidates of the previous academic year of our Polytechnic.
The 'Top10' outstanding and outgoing students of our college were honored with cash award and certificates.
The First Rank and Second Rank holders in all brancheswere received 'Cash Award' and'Certificate of Appreciation’.
Mr. Madhavan, Lecturer of SPC read out the names of the meritorious students.
Mr. Anantharamakrishnan presented the 'Cash Award' and the 'Certificate of Appreciation'.


Mr. Avudaiappan '87 was glad to declare that he has completed Master Degree in four disciplines.
He received the applause from the participants.

He explained briefly about Yoga, his latest addition of post graduation and
distributed two pages of write-up as well.
Yoga is the Indian mind training methodology.
His write-up contained A to Z for improving the human behaviors to maintain good human relations.
It also contained the principle of life, discipline and character to be followed to lead a complete life.

He emphasized that the disciplined thought, expression and actions leads to trouble less life.
He assured that if everybody follows these attitudes, the diminishing humanity and
human relations will be restored forever.

Miss. Chitra '13 who is the First Prize Award winner, attending the Meet for the first time expressed her gratitude to the Lecturers of SPC.
Mr. Azhagarasan '80 also attributed his present position to the lecturers of SIP.
Mr. Krishnan '89 praised the SIP Friends Welfare Trust.
He also reiterated that SIP Students shine everywhere.

Mr. Avudaiappan '87
  Mr. Jegarajan appealed to all the SIP old students
to enroll in ''. He requested the Participants for the suggestions to improve the services of the Trust.

He also recalled the 'NAMAKKULLE' meet conducted by the SIP Friends Welfare Trust at SPC on 2nd March 2013.

13 old Students participated on behalf of the Trust and shared their professional experiences to the current year students
so as to motivate them to positive energy and to improve their Proficiency, Creativity, Management Skills, Communication Skills, Entrepreneurship and other skills required to be developed.
  Mr. Anantharamakrishnan, former Principal and Advisor, praised the SIP Friends Welfare Trust for the dedicated service.
He explained his pleasant experience of wishes by four old students at Tirunelveli railway station.
He valued the wishes of the students more than his pension. He wished and blessed all the participants.

Mr. Jegarajan concluded the Meet with thanks
to the participants for making the Meet a grand success and
appreciated the persons came from abroad
and also from other cities.

As usual, a delicious buffet dinner
for all the participants was served.
Everyone tasted, not only the dinner but also enjoyed
the evergreen memories of their college life.
After the meeting with friends and sharing their memories,
the event came to an end by about 8.30 pm.
All had a chance to meet and chat with our masters and
all our Old Gold Good Friends after a long time.

Appeal to the Old Gold Students at Conclusion
Meeting is the place for Conversation
Everybody will get Motivation
Through Communication
Life will turn to Perfection
Hence bestow your kind Attention
Take Initiation
Get Inspiration
To make the Next Meet a Grand Celebration
Report by Mr. S. Elakkuva Bhoopathi '87 | Photos by K. Maharajan '14