The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Nellai ~ 29-05-2011  
The 10th Year Nellai Meet
 It was 29th, May 2011,
a breezy evening in a hot Summer day,
The Old Gold Good SIP Friends’ Meet was arranged
at Vijayaa Gardens, Tirunelveli.
 It was an unforgettable Sunday evening
filled with happiness cherishing the old memories.
 The meet gave an opportunity for everyone
to mingle with their old
but ever young friends
after a very long gap
amidst their busy schedule.
The Golden Hall was occupied
by SIP Friends
from various batches and Branches.

About 140 alumni
from all corners of India
and also from abroad
gathered at 'Golden Hall' by 5.00 pm.

Their eyes were filled with lot of expectations
to meet their Old Gold Good Friends.
The Evening proceedings started with
‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu'.

Mr. Jega Rajan (1979) started the meeting
with the warm welcome address and
took over the proceedings of the Evening.
The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet
~ Nellai ~
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Our most respected...
Mr. R. Anantha Rama Krishnan
former Principal & Advisor,
Mr. R. Kalidasakrishnaswami
Mr. B. Balakrishnan
Retd Sr. Lecturer - Civil,
Mr. K. Ramaiah
Retd., Lect.,
Mr. S. Paramasivan
Retd., Lect.,
Mr. R. Ramachandran
Retd., Workshop Instructor and
the present Staff members of SPC
gave their valuable presence and
honoured the meet.
Mr. Sekar Sundaram (1981) addressed the gathering.
He insisted everyone of the gathering to bring at least one more friend for the next meet,
so that our strength will increase and it will help everyone to recall our golden memories and
to share the invaluable experiences which may be useful to brighten our future.

Mr. Anantha Ramakrishnan,
former Principal & Advisor
blessed the gathering and
was overwhelmed that this kind of meeting
would have given him more strength in his life.

Mr. Kalidasa Krishnaswamy,
Principal, SPC gave a wonderful Presidential speech.
Thanked SIP Friends
for their active participation in this meet and
requested all old students to share their Field Experience and
New Ideas with the present students.

On behalf of our SIP Friends Welfare trust,
Cash Awards and Certificate of Appreciation were presented to the meritorious candidates.
Mr. Anantha Ramakrishnan, Mr. Kalidasa Krishnaswamy and former Senior Lecturers
presented the Cash Award and Certificate of Appreciation to the meritorious candidates.
The Top 10 outstanding outgoing students of our college were honoured with cash award and certificates.
The first rank and second rank holders in all Branches received Rs. 1000/- and Rs. 500/-
as cash award and Certificate of Appreciation respectively.
Our former Senior Lecturers
Mr. B. Balakrishnan,
Mr. Paramasivam
Mr. Ramaiah
graced the occasion
with their valuable Speech.
Our Old Gold Students from various
Batches (1958-2011) and Branches
shared their college, Hostel memories
and their present experiences as well.

One of them briefed his experience
in CNC Lathe.
Friends, came all the way from abroad
also shared their experiences
and memories.
Mr. Jega Rajan (1979)
the meeting
with his words
requested everyone
also asked
the gathering
to inform
other friends
to contribute
and donate at least
one rupee per day
for the
SIP Friends
Welfare Trust.
As usual, Mr. Sekar Sundaram (1981)
organized a delicious buffet dinner for all the participants.
Every one tasted not only the dinner
but also chewed our memories with other friends.
After the meeting with friends and sharing their memories,
the gathering came to an end by about 9.30 pm.
All had a chance to meet and chat
with our Principals, Masters and all our Old Gold Good Friends.
The SIP Friends
left the meet
with unforgettable feelings
and golden memories.
Made up their minds
not to miss
the golden evenings
at Vijaya Gardens, Nellai
in the ensuing years
to meet their beloved friends and teachers.
As Reported by Mr. S. Avudaiappan (1987) and Mr. S. Elakkuva Bhoopathi (1987)