SIP Friends Welfare Trust

The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet
~ Hosur ~

The First Meet At Hosur on 1-11-2015


It was a rainy day On November 1, 2015,
but The Old Gold Good SIP Friends Family Meet has been elevated
to new dimension and direction to celebrate their First Ever Meet
in a manufacturing industries crowded town, called ‘Hosur’
at Andhra Telugu Samithi Hall, Near: Ayyappan Temple & Ulavar Sandhai.
It was a great evening for SIP Friends to take part in a memorable get-together.

The lovable gathering of ‘58’ SIP Friends in the Hall, from various batches,
ranging 1967-2015, what was more than predicted.
Friends from Chennai and Bangalore along with Hosur resident SIP Friends
took part in this ever rememberable ‘SIP Friends Hosur Meet’.

The hall glittered with the presence of our Senior most SIP Friends
namely Mr. M. Nandan ’67, Mr. Rajagopalan ’67 and Mr. Ramamurthy ‘68

  Mr. Maharajan ‘97 took initiative and had coordination with SIP Friends Welfare Trust and arranged for this wonderful event.
  For this Hosur Meet...
Mr. Rajagopalan ‘67,
Mr. Ramamurthy ‘68,
Mr. Navarajan ’77,
Mr. Sankaran ’78,
Mr. Jegarajan ‘79,
Mr. Sakthivel ’84, and
Mr. Jamal Mohideen ’91
started in a van from Chennai and reached Hosur with
ever enjoyable chat, discussion, jokes during the travel.

The meet was started by Mr. Jegarajan,
welcoming the gathering and narrating the story of
how ‘The Old Gold Good SIP Friends’ was developed with
the best understanding of 1979 batch SIP Friends
up to this Hosur Meet.
Also briefed about ‘Namakkullae’, Family Meets,
highlighting the sponsor Mr. Ramamurthy’s ‘68 Family for
‘Cash Award’ for TOP Ranked SPC students.
Also appreciated SIP Friend Mr. Balakrishnan's (2012),
initiative and involvement in
Nellai Meets, ‘Namakkullae’ and also in Hosur Meet.


Mr. Rajagopalan ‘67, shared his feelings that though having worked
for 42 years, he is still continuing to work as consultant.
He recalled how he went to polytechnic those days to catch
the train early morning and managed with 30 paisa as pocket money and time passed with Ceylon / TVL Radio stations.
He was very happy to see the crowd for this first time Hosur Meet.
He requested not only SIP Friends, but all to love nature and
live with nature, remembering the bath
he enjoyed in Tamirabarani River in Nellai and
Cheranmahadevi those days and also to protect our culture.

Mr. Ramamurthy ‘68
briefed that having
spent 30 years in
work in his
own company,
dealt with
plastic products,
now he focused
into social work
like cleaning temple, helping needies.

Mr. Nandan ‘67,
surprised himself
to meet
his age friend
in the meet
and thanked
SIP Trust to have
organized this
successful meet.
He is still
working in Hosur.
Mr. Antony Devarajan '10 remembered his days
in SIP that food in hostel is enjoyable,
especially Veg. biriyani;
if no water in hostel due to power cut, so bath
in Safiullah bump set; Tea in Mujif Tea Stall etc.,
He confirmed that hostel life is unforgettable
by having those days' memories still in his mind.
Thanked for this Hosur Meet. He remembered
his SIP Lecturer, Mr. Kasi Visvanathan '79
for his strict monitoring and
contribution to what he is now.


Mr. Sriraman 2010, having experienced for 3 years
after Diploma, explained his coming to SIP in hurry,
missing bus, catching last bus, reaching SIP by late.

He proudly said that during his days in SIP,
seniors had good relationship with junior students.
Seniors trained him and also his friends.

He requested to plant a tree in each house.

Mr. Balasubramanian ‘09 thanked SIP
as he was selected in Campus for TVS Motor Plant II.
After one year, now he is in Honda.
He recalled his days as '1st year maintained
correct time, but 2nd and 3rd year late' and
' 'Engaged himself in Technical lesson teaching,
Preparing record note for all'. He insisted that
hard work is not better than smart work.
Also in TVS our SIP name is good and
VP is our SIP Friend Mr. Muthuraj.

Mr. Muthu Sankar ‘10 registered his memories
that he enjoyed his days in SIP
by having friends' food and slept in class
by wearing spectacles.
Thanked SIP for being selected in Campus for TVS.
He also confirmed that SIP has good name in TVS and about 70 SIP Friends are working in TVS.
Since he was inspired in Nellai Meet
in Vijay Garden,
he attended this Hosur Meet after 5 years and
got back his happiness of friendship.

Mr. Subbiah 2011 thanked SIP for the job
he got in TVS during Campus interview.

For him, though this is the second
SIP Meet after first meet in Chennai,
he committed to attend Nellai Meet and
Chennai Meet in future without fail.
Recalled those days enjoyment as mimicry like The Principal Mr. Kalidasa Krishnaswami, Tunes by pipette etc.
Thanked SIP for what he is now.

Mr. Subramanian ‘07 expressed
with feelings that how used to come
to Polytechnic from Kovilpatti
by catching Ananthapuri Express,
getting down at Thachanallur gate,
catching bus from there, reaching college.
But it gave result as what he is now and thanked SIP for the same.
He requested seniors to motive juniors and avoid ragging.

Mr. Gopala Krishnan ‘86 thanked SIP
for being selected in TVS.
Now he is running his own company called
TVM Signalling & Transportation Systems (P) Ltd.,.
about 170 engineers are working.
90 engineers are from Nellai and 40 from SIP.
SIP is well known for knowledge and discipline.
He happily declared that
SIP Lab machines are not seen anywhere
in Work Place where he worked.
Now he is having 30 vacant for new students.


Mr. Kanthaswamy ‘86 was very happy about meeting his friends today
in this meet. Though 402 marks
in SSLC but with a big struggle,
he got late admission in SIP.
After successfully completing Diploma, he joined in Easun Engineering Company after being selected in campus and worked for 4 years and then worked in TVS Axles for 9 years, then in Toyota, Bangalore till now.

Mr. Ganesan ‘85
SIP Trust
for this Meet.
He revealed that
the Tables
available in hostel
were designed
by his team
as their project.

Mr. Thirumalai Mari ‘05 described
that he was selected in TITAN
His father insisted 10th is enough
due to financial crisis but with the loan from neighbor he joined SIP and now he is in a good status. He enjoyed hostel life.
Now he has constructed house
both in Hosur and
in his native place, for his father.

Mr. Mariappan ‘11 explained that he used to come from Kovilpatti
by cycle.
His friends are used to call
by native Kovilpatti.
He was selected in Ashok Leyland during campus. But he rejected the offer and joined TVS.
He also recalled and thanked
Mr. Kasi Visvanathan ‘79,
SIP Lecturer.

Mr. Jeya Senthil ‘04 narrated that
he was in waiting list to join SIP.
After enjoying three years in SIP,
now he settled in Bangalore.
He is remembering
Mr. Antony Ravi ‘80, SIP Friend,
for helping his betrothal and marriage.
He attended many SIP Meets in Chennai.
He thanked SIP Lecturer
Late Subash Chandra Bose ‘81 and
Principal Mr.  Kalidasa Krishnaswami.

Mr. Mahadevan ‘79 thanked for this meet and happy to see his friends after long time. He recalled his days in SIP and in hostel.

Mr. Maharajan ‘97 shared his views that
he is from a small village near Alankulam,
joined SIP and completed Diploma.
After successful tenure with different companies, he started his own company called MS Digitech Automation in Bangalore, Hosur and Chennai
and there about 50 employees are working now.
He has dedicated his valuable
for the success of this Meet.
He also gave his vehicle to Chennai Team
to take part in the Meet.

Mr. Subramanian ‘81 notified that
his father worked in Sankar Cement,
so he joined SIP and completed Diploma
and then completed BE.
Having worked in different companies,
now he settled in ‘Syskaled Lights’ as
Regional Head, Hosur.
He told all our friends that
higher education is must and
also hard work and integrity.

Mr. Rangaraj ‘79 recalled his hostel life. He sponsored ‘Coffee Mug’ as a gift to all the participated SIP Friends and family members, on behalf of SIP Friends Welfare Trust.

All had a chance to meet and chat with all our unforgettable Old, Gold, Good SIP Friends.
With the fact that all beginnings have an end, the meeting came to an end at 8.00pm
with the delicious food and the friends departed with much anticipation of the next SIP Meeting.

is a ​happy or ​friendly ​expression on the ​face in which the ​ends of the ​mouth ​curve up ​slightly,
often with the ​lips ​moving ​apart so that the ​teeth can be ​seen.

is to ​smile while making ​sounds with ​your ​voice that show you ​think something is ​funny or you are ​happy.

Report by Mr. KM Jamal Mohideen '91 | Photos by Mr. A. Balakrishnan '12