SIP Friends Welfare Trust

The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet
~ Chennai ~

15th Year Chennai Meet on 2-8-2015


Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan
Retd. Principal / Adviser

It was the greatest Sunday on August 2, 2015
to celebrate the 15th year of Old Gold Good SIP Friends Meet
at Sri Mahalakshmi Mandapam, (Murugan Kalyana Mandapam),
Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Road, T. Nagar, Chennai.

SIP Friends from different parts of the world were started to assemble in the Mandapam
one by one and also came in groups & families.
In an hour’s time, the meeting hall in the second floor was filled with more than 330 participants, including 163 SIP Friends and 58 Final Year Mech. Students of SPC along with 4 SPC Staff,
Mr. Kasi Viswanathan ‘79, Mr. A.S.V. Siva Sailem, Mr. C. Murugan and Mr. L. Vijayakumar.

To add more value to this meet and make this MEGA SIP EVENT as the most memorable one,
Mr. Anantha Ramakrishan, The Retd. Principal,
Mr. Balakrishnan ‘61, Retd. Lecturer, Civil Dept and
Mr. Paul Russel, the former HOD, Electronics and Communication
had come to bless the gathering with their presence.

Mr. Balakrishnan '61
Retd. Lect. Civil

Mr. Paul Russel
Former HOD, ECE

It was interesting and important to note that SIP Friends had joined the meeting from various parts of the word...
Norway, Oman, Abudhabi, Thiruvananthapuram, Pune, ,Bangaluru, and Hosur and
shared their feelings and memories with their batch mates and SIP alumni.

Before commencing the proceedings, SIP Friends began with a prayer and saluted the departed souls
by observing one minute silence for Arumugam ‘79 , Subash Chandra Bose ‘81 Electrical Sr.Lecturer, Velayuthamurthy '05,
Retd. Ramasubramani, Retd. Lab Asst. Mr. Yusuf,   Mr. Rajagopalan ‘62 and also for the former Indian President Dr.APJ Abdul Kalam.

The hall was brightened with the glittering presence made by
our senior SIP Friends and their experience
seemed to add weight to the whole meet.

The senior most friend Mr. Balakrishnan 1961, Retd. Lect. Civil,
followed by Dr. R. Natarajan ‘62,
1963 Batch R. Narayanan, Mr. R. Srinivasan, Mr. G. Subramanian,
1964 Batch Mr. S. Thiyagarajan, Mr. K. Veeraraghavan,
1965 Batch Mr. Kaleeswaran, Mr. L. Mahadevan,
Mr. N. Ganapathy ‘66,  Mr. A. Somasundaram ‘67 and Mr. N. Ramamurthy ‘68.

The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet
~ Chennai 2015 ~
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The meeting commenced with the welcome address by Mr. Jegarajan ‘79,
the Founder and Managing Trustee, SIP Friends Welfare Trust.
He narrated the story of how this meet got developed to this extent, with a humble beginning of just 6 SIPians from 1979 batch meeting once in a month and later about 45 SIP Friends near Labour Statue in Marina Beach, Chennai.
The meeting used to be over after having Milk from Aavin Booth opposite to the statue.
After having married of the friends, the gathering became a family meet
for quiet sometime, 6 months once, with the dinner in Hotel Saravana Bhavan at T.Nagar.

Due to change in scenario, there was a big gap and the group could not able to meet
for a long. It was again the spark has become a light and the friends reassembled during
the year 2000 with 12 SIP Friends and their family members at Mr. Jagarajan’s residence.
From this point onwards the meetings were continued without any break,
thanks to God Almighty. With the help of technology: Internet, website, email and mobile,
we had a full-fledged meetings.

The first meeting was held on May 29, 2001 in Hall
Opp: Rajbhavan, Guindy with 63 SIPians and their family members.
Then the 2nd meeting was held at this very hall and the tradition has continued in the same
venue till today and becoming grander and grander.
This year happens to be the 15th Year Friends Meet at Chennai.
The total registered members of SIP Friends are 2800+ in our SIP Friends web site.


Mr. Anantha Ramakrishan, The Retd. SIP Principal thanked SIP Friends Welfare Trust for this 15th Year Meet and
shared his feelings of his association with SIP for the last 57 years.
He recalled the Silver Jubilee of SIP function which was celebrated along with MGR, The former CM of Tamil Nadu and
R. Venkatraman, the former President of India and 2009 in Golden Jubliee Meet which were also participated by SIP Trust members.
SIP students were participated from all over India and abroad.

During the visit to Kasi, Haridwar he heard a voice of Tamil word “Ayya” and it was by a SIP student in Delhi.
SIP students who generally are in higher positions all over the world.
He had advised that it is the responsibility of SIP students to show the uniqueness of SIP to the world.
He had also requested all SIP students to fulfill the 2020 dream of the former president Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam.
With much of happiness he had unveiled the 15th Year SIP Friends Family Meet Celebration CUP, as a Souvenir.

Mr. Balakrishnan '61, the Retd Civil Lecturer,expressed his happiness that
though for 39 years he was  a civil department lecturer, he is proud to say that
he was a SIP student himself.
He recalled his Polytechnic days. Catching a 6’o clock train in Maniyatchi
to attend the class at 6.30am -2.00pm. The First batch was having 120 students
with three branches: Civil-60, Mehc-30 and Electrical-30.

He said that for running this institute, we should thank India Cements Management and
Four Principals: Late. Viswanathan, Late. Krishnamurthy, Mr. Anatharamakrishan and
the current Principal Mr. Kalidasa Krishnasamy.
He claimed that his life’s Golden period was from 1958-1961 as a SIP student.

Mr. Thiyagarajan ‘64, looking at the 15 years old SIP banner, recalled the Indian Flag of 1947 in a museum he visited and compared it with our SIP.
He advised SIP Friends to follow the ancestors and also
mentioned many proverbs told by our elders like
“theethum nanrum pirarthara vaara" and "yaathum oore, yaavarum kelir” and
Thirukural (poi sollaamai) by Thirvalluvar to avoid telling lie.
He expressed as everyone is responsible for his
Ups and Downs, Successes and failures.
Even Nehru and Gandhi also had successes and failures.

Mr. Paul Russel, Former HOD, ECE, came all the way
from Thiruvananthapuram to attend this meet and
shared his feelings as a SIP Lecturer for 7 years
from 1985-1992.

He thanked SIP for teaching him administration and management skills and the same is helping him
in his current Job for the last 20 years.
He also thanked SIP Friends Welfare Trust
for made him to attend this meet. He wished all SIPians to rise up to higher positions to come up in life. 

Mr. Mariappan
from Oman
thanked his
SIP teachers.
As a '85 SIPian
he succeeded
doing his
own business
in Oman.

Mr. Ramamurthy '68, announced the 'M.C. Narasimhan Cash Prize', in the memory of his father, who was the Superintend at SIP. The Cash awards is for the outstanding SIP students as… 1st Prize – Rs.2000, 2nd Prize-Rs.1000 and
3rd price-Rs.500, which was generously sponsored by Late M.C. Narasimhan family from this year onwards along with SIP Friends Welfare Trust.

Mr. Esakkimuthu '77, BSNL Retd DGM, explained that after diploma
he received three offers from BSNL, PSRO and Southern Railway.
He joined BSNL as a Jr. Engineer and attended training in China and
was promoted to higher position within the short span of years
based on his performance and he retired as DGM.
He thanked SIP Friends Welfare Trust for the Family Meets.

Mr. Veeraraghan ‘64
expressed his happiness
that he has attended
most of the SIP meets.
He requested
the entire
final year student
to continue
to attend this meet.

Mr. Kailasam’79, from Coimbatore, told that he joined in an instrument company in Neelankarai as his first job.
As advised by Late Principal Krishnamurthy, he joined BE in Coimbatore and
now he is well established in life by establishing his own two companies.
Though he had to walk a considerable distance to see a second show cinema
in Thalaiyuthu, now he feels healthy due that walking !!
He advised everyone to do something back for the society.
He also advised that for starting business,
it is must to have maintenance and marketing experience for four years each. 
He insisted to think differently to achieve something in life. For example,
one of his friends, predicting the crowd, he started a Tea Shop in Rameswaram
during Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam funeral and earned thousands of rupees in 2 days.

Mr. Kannan @ Selvakannan 2000, with his batch mates,
is directing a Tamil film “NEDUNEL VAADAI”
describing the culture and life style of south Tamilians.
He assured that this movie will win an AWARD.
It is produced based on the concept of Crowd Funding and
the estimated budget is 1core.

He shown the trailer of the movie and
it was well appreciated by SIP Friends.
He also revealed that the hero
would be as a Final year SIP student.


Mr. Sundar 2000, one of the producers of NEDUNEL VAADAI explained that
Mr. Selavakannan was in the film industry for more than eight years and
worked as assistant director for four movies.
Since no producer encouraged his story, we had a con-call with 2000 batch mates
and fund organized to start the 1st phase of the movie.
He also informed that 25% of the film is completed with a budget of Rs.30 lack and
Mr. Vairamuthu is the lyricist.

A Game of “NOOL VILAYAATTU” was really enjoyable and connected with the 15th year celebration SIP meet 2015. The winner Mr. Muthusamy ‘82 along with 3 other winners was given prizes, which was distributed by Mr. Anantha Ramakrishnan, the Retd SIP Principal.

The 'Delicious Lunch' was sponsored by SIP Friends of 1995 batch mates.

Mr. Aravind 1995 thanked Mr. Anantharaman for his admission in SIP though
he was from John School (Tamil Medium), Palayamkottai and also the lecturers,
for what he is today.
He also thanked SIP Friends Welfare Trust for this wonderful meet and
wished the meet to be a GRAND SUCCESS EVERY YEAR with SIP FRIENDS and FAMILY.

1995 batch gifted a Titan Watch to Mr. Anantha Rmakrishan and Mr. Balakrishan '62,
as a token of gratitude.
One more Titan Watch was given in to auction to generate funds for SIP Trust,
which gained Rs. 10,000/-

One more game was conducted as CELL PHONE VILAIYAATTU.
The Random numbers 4 and 3 digits displayed and SIP Friends, whoever had that number in their mobile numbers’ were declared winners and
the prize was given by Mr. Veeraghavan.

Mr. Nagarajan, the manager of Mandapam,
was thanked for his support and
the unconditional love
he had on our trust and its growth.

Dr. Natarajan ‘62 thanked SIP Friends Welfare Trust for the efforts
in organizing this great and grand meet for 15 long continuous years,
which could not been possible by many other colleges.
He also thanked for organizing a business meet at his residence
for SIP entrepreneurs.
He insisted that skill is more important than education.
He also encouraged our friends to become entrepreneurs
rather than simply joining a company.
He welcomed SIP Friends to get benefited from his advice
to start their own business. Dr. Natrajan ‘62 thanked
Late. Viswanatha Iyer and Late. Krishnamurthy, for their help.

All the participated Couples and those attended this meet with their family, were honored with ‘Jodi Cup’ which was printed with their family photo on it.


Mr. Jayasenthil ‘04 thanked
their batch mates for the donation given to SIP Trust.
Thanked SIP for helping him
to get a Job and
one of the SIP Friends
for helping him finding his life partner.
He expressed his interest to have
the SIP meet in Bangalore soon.

Mr. Sudhakar ’09, called himself as ‘Love Guru’, expressed that love is a tool for improvement and
it is a tonic for growth.
He expressed that he can give counseling for love failures to start a fresh and new life.
He narrated though he is a 2nd class diploma,
he never minded about it and continued to handle things practically and succeeded.
He started his carrier as a lorry cleaner then learned white washing and also he can repair a car.
He dreamed a lot and trying to fulfill Dr. APJ Abbul Kalam dreams.
He is planning to build a 100 MW Solar power plant and
started the work and decided to recruit 20 engineers.
He thanked the SIP lecturers Late. Subash and Mr. Prabhakar for their support.

All the staff of SPC were honored. Along with gift, they were pressented with 'Cup' which were printed with their own photos.

‘Tambola Man’ Mr. Richard ‘92 conducted the TAMBOLA GAME and he has been doing it for the last 14 years continuously.
The game was thoroughly enjoyed by the SIP Friends and their family members, as usual.
All the following winners namely SIP Lecturer Mr. Kasi Viswanathan ‘79, Raga Madam-W/o Mr.Srinivasan '95, Mrs.Richard '92, Mrs.Ramkumar '08 were given prizes.

As it is said for every good thing there is an end, SIP Friends started moving with much of satisfaction and enjoyment.
Almost all SIP friends were expressing their willingness to attend the upcoming all SIP Friends meet with more friends.

Report by Mr. KM Jamal Mohideen '91 | Photos by Kannapiran '80