The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Chennai ~ 05-08-2012
12th Year Chennai Meet
SIP Friends New Logo was unveiled

Mr. S. Raghavan
 August 5, 2012, Sunday. It was a very brisk Sunday morning.
Friends started to assemble with a feeling that
they had to wait 52 Sundays for this SIP Alumni meet.
This was the twelfth consecutive Meet held in Chennai and 31st overall.
(Including other meets at Tirunelveli, Trichy, Bangalore and Coimbatore)

All our Old Gold Good SIP Friends from different parts of the country
started assembling at
Sri Mahalakshmi Mandapam, (Murugan Kalyana Mandapam),
Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Road, T. Nagar, Chennai.

The meeting hall in the ground floor was filled with more than
320 participants, including 133 SIP Friends and
102 Final Year Mech Students of SPC along with 6 SPC Staff.

To add more value to this meet,
Mr. S. Raghavan, Retd. H.O.D.- Mech. and
Mr. Meenakshisundram (1964), Mech made their presence.

Mr. Meenakshisundram
The hall looked more experienced and
brightened with the glittering presence
made by our senior SIP Friends.

Mr. P. Balachandran.
Dr. R. Natarajan,
Mr. B. Peter Sorniah Demel,
Mr. S.K. Sanakar Raman (Coimbatore),
Mr. M.C. Vaikundam.
Mr. G. Subramaniam.
Mr. V. Ramanandhan,
Mr. N.S. Meenakshisundram (Bangalore)
Mr. K. Veeraraghavan.
Mr. T. Kaleeswaran,
Mr. M. Papanasam (Tirunelveli).
Mr. N. Ganapathy,
Mr. S.R. Sadagoppan,
Mr. S.S. Sundaran (Tiruchirappalli),
Mr. R. Swaminathan,
Mr. D. Veeraraj (Tirunelveli).
Mr. K. Padmanaban,
Mr. A. Somasundaram.
Mr. N. Ramamurthy.
The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet
~ Chennai 2012 ~
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Before commencing the proceedings, SIP Friends united in prayers and saluted the departed souls
Late G. Krishnamurthy, the Principal (1962-1989) who passed away on March 12, 2012,
Late. G. Sanakaramansubramanian, H.O.D. Civil (1959-1992) who passed away on May 12, 2012 and Late. Mrs. Ramiah, (W/o. Mr. Ramiah 1966 Retd.,Lect.) who passed away on June 12,2012.

Mr. Jegarajan '79 briefed about Late. G. Krishnamurthy’s contribution towards growth of SIP,
who hadserved 27 years as Principal. The trust earlier had deeply mourned the sad demise of Our Beloved Principal through ‘Obituary’ column in Hindu, Indian Express and Dinamani.

He also recalled the attendance made by Late. Sankaramasubramanian, with interest and involvement, continuously for the past 10 Meets in Chennai.
 The meeting started with a Senior SIP Friend Mr. Balachandran '61
who thanked the SIP Friends Welfare Trust for organizing this meeting
continuously for 12th time in Chennai.

He pointed out the history of this meet, which was in Marina beach by 1979 batches and
how it was developed to this great heights.
He also thanked the part of origin team Mr. Natarajan '79, Mr. Kannapiran '80,
Mr. Venugopal '80, Mr. Muthukrishnan '79, Mr. Nava Rajan '77, Mr. Balasubramanian '79 and
Mr. Jega Rajan '79 who made their presence.

Mr. Jegarajan compered the whole meeting and took over the proceedings of the meet.
 A guest lecture on Cancer awareness by
Mr. Salai Bather, Co-ordinator, Rose Garden, Hospice for Cancer Patients, Trichy
adviced all participants to be more precautious.

He started this hospice (after losing his wife to breast cancer) in her name of Milita Rose who cared for cancer patients’ life and tried to make them happy by writing puzzles, poems and letters before cancer got the better of her.

He insisted the point
'Prevention is better than Cure'.

He was thanked and honored
on behalf of SIP Friends Welfare Trust
By Mr. Raghavan, Retd. H.O.D.- Mech.

Mr. S. Raghavan, Retd. H.O.D.- Mech. unveiled SIP Friends New logo, designed by Mr. Richard Dalvi '92 and begun the speech on health & help.
Since his mother died due to cancer, he advised that no one try to act his own doctor.

He shared one of his experience...
In his electric bike, he had earlier dropped a handicapped on the way to Tambaram, but on the way back to home, his bike went chargeless. and gangester-like looking person helped him to get back his home.
He concluded 'Help to be helped'.

He thanked SIP friends Welfare Trust for the meet continued for 31 times
and wished to continue forever.

1962 pass-out from SIP; Dr. R. Natarajan, Mr. M.C. Vaikundam, Mr. S.K. Sanakar Raman (Coimbatore) and
Mr. B. Peter Sorniah Demel were celebrating their Golden Jubilee Year of Alumni this year.
There were greeted and honored by SIP Friends Welfare Trust.

In his sharings, Mr. S.K. Sanakar Raman '62,
who came all along the way from Coimbatore, said that
he started his career in Foundry and Forgings.
Though it is a dirty (dust) field, the manner, he initiated to work and
with the hands-on-experience on the work, commanded him the respect.
Now he is continuing as an advisor in this field.

Mr. M.C. Vaikundam '62 recollected his memories at SIP and
his happiness by participating the meet.


Mr. B. Peter Sorniah Demel '62, who started his career in
Simpson Ltd and retired on 2008.
He discussed various Job opportunities in various field like Shipping, Oil Field, CADD etc and advised to continue further studies in the related field.

Mr. S.S. Sundaran '66 Trichy, shared his experiences post SIP life. He started as Trainee in BHEL and worked till 1978. Then started his own business of Welding and Fabrication unit as contractor for BHEL and now running with 50 workers.
He instructed to learn more as unknown is an ocean and also requested the participants to contribute more for this trust and thanked for a meet like this.


Mr. Marirajan '80 started with the blessings from
Mr. S. Raghavan, Retd. H.O.D.- Mech. and remembered him for teaching the discipline. He was surprised to have a re-established contact with SIP and SIP Friends after 30 years. Though he is doing business with 400 employees working in his company dealing with TVS Products and L&T Products, he expressed his feeling that he missed this kind of friends
whom he can call and be called as ‘Vaadaa / Podaa'.
He highlighted a point that 'Accept What you get and mould yourself to succeed in business and life' as his Mantra for success to this level.

To add more to his surprises, Mr. Jegan '80 gifted him with
a black and white photo, taken during his stay in SIP hostel with him.


Mr. Nambi Narayanan '79 now a popular person in Pudhiya Thalaimurai TV,
Sun TV and Podhigai TV, shared his view that he interviewed more than 100
successful entrepreneurs in PPP program (Paathai, Payanam, Paarvai).
He pointed out that the 2nd English speaking country is India.
His 'Swadeshi Jagaran Manch' and 'Swadeshi Seithi' are
to protect India from MNCs.

Mr. Veeraraghavan '64 was very happy with more number of old friend who were participated in this gathering. He meant the name 'The Old Gold Good SIP Friends'
as All SIP Friends are Good only, this meet is seen with Old Friends and
this is 50th Golden Jubilee Year for the existing SIP building.


Mr. Ganesh Kumar '10 thrilled with this meet,
expressed his feeling that the meet should be
conducted in a BIG hall in the future.
Also explained that the reason behind the Friendship day.

1987 pass-out from SIP; Mr. Srikanth Srinivasan was celebrating his Silver Jubilee Year of Alumni this year. He was greeted and honored by SIP Friends Welfare Trust. He thanked for organizing this kind of meet, with feelings, by connecting SIP friends with families.



Dr. R. Natarajan ' 62 remembered Late. G. Krishnamurthy, Retd Principal
as great man with noble heart and thanked him for starting his career in Simpson Ltd.,

After completing 35 years of Govt Service,
he is doing his business and developing many successful entrepreneurs.
He declared to extend his help to the beginners and expanders
for their business to get financial support from banks.

Advised not to stop with Diploma but proceed with further studies like BE., ME., and Phd.,
by joining part time courses. With a firm note that Business is not a loss,
it is everything which gives respect in family, Money Flow, Car and Bungalow, he concluded.

A very special program, ‘Waste Is Not Waste' was conducted by college girls.
The program explained in details to use the waste materials in a useful manner.

Mrs. Rosy the organizer of ‘Waste Is Not Waste' program addressed
the importance of Spoken English and advised to start speak in English even with mistakes.
She also insisted to start with small business even during College Days
which will help to grow to next level in the future to be a successful entrepreneur.

 Mr. N.S. Meenakshisundram '64 came from Bangalore to take this opportunity
to attend the SIP Friends Meet for the very first time.
He expressed his happiness that his wish was fulfilled by attending the meet,
at least this time, after his numerous attempts which all went in vain in the previous years. He remembered his student life and as well as staff life at SIP.
He recalled his days with late G. Krishnamurthy, the Principal and the experience and
the support which he got from him leadership.

He thanked SIP for teaching basics and fundamentals thoroughly.
In this modern world though we have many facilities like PCs, Internet; during those days teachers were the only source of knowledge and they helped a lot, he added.

Mr. S. R. Sadagoppan '66 also shared his experiences.
He, having worked in various companies like Best & Crompton, L&T.,
started his business dealing TAFE products.
He also informed all beginners to study further.

Mr. R. Saravana Kumar '09, completed his BE in 2012.
He requested all our friends to give reference and
guide Fresh SIP Friends for getting the Job for the freshers.


Mr. S. Jeya Senthil '04, from Bangalore, participated enthusiastically.
He thanked SIP Friends Welfare Trust
for helping our friends for getting job.
He requested every one to browse our
website regularly.

More than 12 SIP Friends of 2004 batch take effective participation in the meet and
also in the game events.
They jointly collected a fund for the Trust.


102 Final Year Mechanical students on their Industrial Visit participated in the Meet along with the SPC Staff.
Mr. A. Kasi Visvanathan '79, Lecturer, Mech,
Mr. S. Murugan,
Mr. A. C. V. Siva Sailam,
Mr. S. Palaniappan,
Mr. C. Murugan and
Mr. A. Natarajan
briefed about their association with SIP so far and
thanked for the opportunity to be part of SIP/SPC.


After lunch, Drawing Competition for Children was conducted and all were gifted with prizes.
Mrs. Somasundaram distributed the prizes.
 Games were conducted.
In the game 'Kai Thatti Vilaiyadu' the participants were made simulated Rain Drop sounds by clapping.
Also 'Solvathai Sei' and 'Kallum Mullum Kaalukku Methai' games were enjoyed by participants and viewers
and winners were given the prizes.

Mr. K. Veeraraghavan '64 conducted a program to find the Best Couple and gifted them.

The most important part of the entertainment of the meet was the game of 'Tambola'.
It was conducted by Mr. Richard Dalvi '92 to find the luckiest.
This game of luck was enjoyed by one and all and the luckiest happily walked away with their gifts.
This time there were more winners.
 Very first time, ‘Live Streaming’ of Chennai Meet
was made available through this web site.
Some of our friends also particular through the video conference.


 In the hall, a mini photo-studio was setup to give instant photos
to generate funds for our trust.
Also Books, from Rose Garden, Hospice for Cancer patients Trichy,
explaining precautions and remedies for the dangerous disease cancer,
were kept at the reception and sold to get funds for our Trust.
All were sold out creating demands for the same.

The meet had come to an END at 4.30pm.
The SIP friends, after meeting and chatting with their batch mates, new friends and alumni,
left the hall with the recollected SIP memories,
memories of the meet and
a heart feeling
that it has wait till the next meet.

Mechanical - Final Year - 2013 - Sec A
Mechanical - Final Year - 2013 - Sec B
Report by Mr. K.M. Jamal Mohideen '91 | Photos by Mr. A. Kannapiran '80