The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Chennai ~ 07-08-2011
11th Year Chennai Meet
So to watch the horizons meet again in majesty...
Every year, the First Sunday of August is 'Friendship Day'.
It is the day most eagerly anticipated by each and
every SIP Friend.
Yes, we made this Friendship Day as our day of Alumni Meet
and continued to meet for the 'Eleventh Year' in Chennai.
On August 7, 2011... When all our Old Gold Good SIP Friends
started assembling one by one, group by group and
family by family at the Sri Mahalakshmi Mandapam,
Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Road, T. Nagar, Chennai
to meet one another...
We all had a feeling that this is what the HEAVEN is.
The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet
~ Chennai 2011~
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The meeting hall was filled with
more than 200 participants,
including 120 SIP Friends
to enjoy the 'Sprit of Friendship'

To add more value to this meet, the following legends made their presence.

Mr. G. Sankararamasubramanian, Retd. Prof.
Mr. S. Raghavan, Retd. H.O.D.- Mech. and
Mr. K. Ramaiah ('66) Retd., Lect., along with
Mr. R. Anantha Rama Krishnan,
Retd., Principal / Advisor

The hall was also brightened with the presence made by our Senior SIP Friends...
Mr. P. Balachandran '61, Mr. Ranga Rao '61
Dr. R. Natarajan '62, Mr. G. Subramaniam '63
Mr. T. Kaleeswaran '65, Mr. M. Papanasam '65
Mr. N. Ganapathy '66, Mr. S. R. Sadagoppan '66
Mr. K. R. Balasubramanian '67 and
Mr. N. Ramamurthy '68

Overseas participants
Mr. M. Manikandan '98 from USA and
Mr. S. Mariappan '92 from Dubai
were participated.
Mr. S. Muthukrishnan's '79
Father and Mother were also participated
to make this meet more fruitful.
Mr. Anantha Rama
Mr. Ramaiah
Mr. Raghavan
Mr. Sankararama
Mr. Ranga Rao

The day started with 'Tamilthai vazhthu'
by Mr. T.Veerapandy '81

Mr. Jagarajan '79 compered the whole meeting and
took over the proceedings of the meet.

Mr. Raghavan, Retd. H.O.D.- Mech. in his speach requested
to manage unemployment, all new comers and experienced
should start their own business and
asked them to make healthy competition.

Mr.Manoj, HRD Manager,
HP India Ltd gave a speech
about passion.
Passion is the fuel for success.
India is the young country
but not utilized.
To excel it is certain to have out of box thinking.
To be a successful leader,
he should take the risk and initiate it.

Mr. Nainar '86, Silver Jubilee Alumni,
Mr. Balachander '61 Golden Jubilee Alumni.
Mr.Balachander '61, celebrating
His Golden Jubilee Year of Alumni expressed that
the feeling he had is unexplainable whenever he met SIP Friends.
Mr. Nainar '86, Silver Jubilee Alumni,
was felicitated by
New SIP Friend Mr. Bala Ganesh '11
Mr.Nainar '86, celebrating
His Silver Jubilee Year of Alumni, described his success as a business man with the valuable experience
he attained during his initial days.
Now he has very good corporate data base to excel in his business.

Mr.Ramsamy, Well Wisher of Friend, all along the way form Hyderabad,
gave a lecture about the Microprocessor's role in our life.

The first processor in 1971 had only 4064 transistors.
But now it is 260 crores transistors by Intel, with an operating voltage of 1.2Volts.
Due to this unimaginable growth in the Electronic industry, the life style is changed
that is, the way we live, the way we communicate.
PCs, Cell phones and internet are the example.

Mr. Ranga Rao '61, who studied the first one year only,
felt that he missed another two years of SIP.
He remembered Mr. Viswanatha Iyer, the First Principal of SIP,
for helping him to Join Central Polytechnic Chennai,
as he wanted to be the part of India Cement Cricket team.

Mr. Sridhar '86 gave an advice for new comers....
'Keep On Learning'....and 'Convert Diplomas into BE'.
He also requested that Experts and Elders to bless the youngsters
not to follow but to beat us and excel.


Dr. R. Natarajan '62, asked all the participants to start their own business
by delivering an eye opening talk. He developed 90 entrepreneurs so far.
His program, related to self employements, is telecasted in Podigai TV often.
He insisted a point that the real growth is in private employement and doing business, not in govt. employment. He added, in Govt job, Less Work is Less Problem; No work is No Problem, so no growth.

He also displayed his Souvenir and the photo of Mr. Visvanatha Iyer,
the First Principal of SIP.
He congratulated 'SIP Friends Welfare Trust'
for organizing meets like this, every year.

Mr. Muthusamy '82 gifted the newly
married couple Mrs. & Mr. Venkatesh.
Also the list of newly married
SIP Friends were read out and greeted.

After lunch, Drawing Competition for Children was conducted and all were gifted with memorable prize by
Mr. K. Ramaiah ('66) Retd., Lect.,


Mr. K. Ramaiah '66 thanked all the participants.
He recollected his memories as student and Lecturer. Soon after completing the Diploma, he joined SIP as temporary NCC Teacher. He was then permanently appointed by the principal
Mr. Krishnamurthy on 1971.
He related the proverb 'Matha, Pitha, Guru, Theivam'
with SIP Friends as all SIPians are remembering their Lecturer
as their ladder for their success. He was very proud of SIP Students in this regard. He explained the importance of donating to
'SIP Friends Welfare Trust' as it is focused to develop good deeds.


Mr. Richard Dalvi ' 92 accepted that he developed
his leadership quality under the guidance of
Mr. Ramiah and was promoted as under officer in NCC. Now he is leading an American Company in Chennai.

Mr. Saravanan '01 had come with a concept
called “Technet” . The idea is to bridge the gap between the new comers and employment
by teaching / training them with new technologies and experience we had.

The most important part of the meet is 'Inauguration of The Newly Developed Website for SPC'. Our retired Principal / Advisor
Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan hosted the website ''
He expressed his feeling that for the whole day his thoughts were about this meet and also accepted Mr. Ramiah's comment on SIP Friends to remember their Teachers.

Mr. Elankeeran, who developed this new website at his cost demonstrated the site and assured to maintain it.

Draw for lucky couple was conducted
and Mrs. & Mr. Subramanian were walked away with the gift as lucky couple.

Mr. G. Sankararamasubramanian
Retd. Prof. shared his experience
with SIP as warden and H.O.D of Civil.
SIP is meant for discipline, so he insisted all students to follow this and made it.

The participated lectures were felicitated on behalf of SIP Friends Welfare Trust.
Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan
by Mr. Jayasomanathan '89
Mr. Sankararamasubramanian
by Mr. Seetharaman '74

Mr. Ramaiah
by Mr. Chinnadurai '94

A very special 'Glass Painting' program
was organized for the ladies and children of SIP Friends family.
The 'Chutti TV', 'Makkal TV' Pughal 'Shyamala Akka' conducted the program and also gave tips for knitting and embroidering works. All the participants enjoyed the art and learened a lot.
Mrs.Shyamala was felicitated by
Dr. R. Natarajan '62,
on behalf of SIP Friends.

The entertainment of the meet was the game of 'Tambola'.
It was conducted by Mr. Richard Dalvi '92 and Mr. Jamal Mohideen '91 to find the luckiest.
This game of luck was enjoyed by one and all and the luckiest happily walked away with their gifts.

As expected the meet had come to an END. So we, all SIPians, forced to leave the hall after meeting our ever memorable, unforgettable friends who mingled with us during the 3 years study, their family members, Senior & Junior SIP friends and the lecturers who changed our life during those 3 years & brought us to this level as we are now, but with a feeling that the Words Friend and Friendship mean 'The Old Gold Good SIP Friends Meet' by giving more respect and value to the 'Friendship of our Friends'.

Report by Mr. K. M. Jamal Mohideen '91 | Photos by Mr. M. Manikandan '98