The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Chennai ~ 01-08-2010  
Our Friendship Day The 10th Year Chennai Meet
The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' 10th Family Meet ~ Chennai
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August 1, 2010…was a G reat day with Great feelings.
Yes…, We, SIP Friends, started the day one of
this Great month happily with the great feelings that
we will be meeting our Old Gold Good SIP Friends and
to really mean the words Friends and Friendship Day
by recollecting and remembering their ever unforgettable thoughts…

It was a very bright and brisk Sunday morning loaded with happiness and enthusiasm.
All our Old Gold Good SIP Friends started assembling
one by one, group by group and family by family
at the Sri Mahalakshmi Mandapam, Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Road , T. Nagar, Chennai.
All SIP Friends and their family members were welcomed with Soft drinks. In a very short duration, the hall was filled.

Mr. Benildus Fdo.,
Retd. H.O.D. Maths.
Mr. Raghavan
Retd. H.O.D.- Mech.
Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami
Mr. Sankararamasubramanian
Retd. Prof.
Mr. Ranganathan
Retd., Lect.,
  The hall glittered with the valuable presence of the Five 'Star Legends'
Mr. R. Kalidasakrishnaswami, Principal -S.P.C., Mr. Benildus Fdo., Retd. H.O.D. Maths., Mr. S. Raghavan, Retd. H.O.D.- Mech.,
Mr. V. Ranganathan, Retd., Lect., S.I.P., Mr. G. Sankararamasubramanian, Retd. Prof. S.I.P.,
along with Mr. N. Venkataraman, Ex. Mangr - S.P.C.,

And SPC staffs Mr. S. Chellappa, Mr. A. Kasiviswanathan, Mr. C. Murugan, Mr. S. Packiyaraj, Mr. P. Selvam & Mr. A.C.V. Siva Sailam.

The hall also brightened with the presence made by our Senior SIP friends and many more who participated enthusiastically.

350+ SIP Friends were participated from
different parts of the country
like Bangalore, Coimbatore, Hosur, Kovilpatti, Tirunelveli and from Abroad (Dubai).

A notable presence was made by 120 odd
Final Year DME students,
after their two days educational tour in the city.


After ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu', with the warm welcome address
Mr. Jega Rajan (1979) started the meeting and
took over the proceedings of the day.
Mr. Thanga Pandian (1998) compered during the whole meeting.

Mr. V. Ranganathan (1962) Retd., Lect., - S.I.P.,
came all the way from Coimbatore to take part in the meet,
He was pleased to have a meeting like this and thanked
all the participants for attending the meeting.

Mr. S. Raghavan, Retd. H.O.D.- Mech., spoke about the importance of
updating the knowledge with help of
the computer and internet.
He also informed that all friends should habituate the reading habit.


Mr. N. Murugan (1978) from Thiruchirapalli - BHEL, had a presentation which explained
how he used to do projects in polytechnic days.
In result of this, a windmill was setup in our polytechnic and
it is still used for demonstrations to every new students.
Thus he became ‘Windmill Murugan'.
He also pointed out that most of the windmills projects in the South were implemented by him on behalf of BHEL.
He apoke about the importance of knowledge and also insisted on remembering simple equations and formulae.

Mr. R. Kalidasakrishnaswami, Principal - S.P.C., gave a speech about the importance of this meet.
Thanked SIP Friends for their active participation in this meet and
requested all old students to extend their help for the SPC Library.

Mr. T. Veerapandy (1981), now in Railway, remembered his days in polytechnic as his 2nd birth and
also the Lecturers who supported him in his life which became his success.
He thanked all the lecturers by falling at their feet.

  Dr. Balasandilyan M.S., M.S., PhD., CEO, Vision Unlimited, Chennai,
gave a presentation which detailed about the simple techniques to face the interviewer with Guts, Zeal and Wisdom and the tips for Success in Interview.
It was really helpful for the new SIP friends who just completed and Senior SIP friends who need to go for better employment.

Many SIP Friends picked up not only the books ‘Pudhu Vairam Nee Unakku' and
Tips for ‘Success In Interview' written by him but also the points in them.

He was honoured with ‘Ponnadai' by Mr. R. Kalidasakrishnaswami,
Principal - S.P.C., on behalf of 'SIP Friends Welfare Trust'.




Mr. A. Karthik (2006), SIP Soft Technology, (developing software for pharmaceuticals) shared his experience as how he become an entrepreneur. He started this company though there was a strong opposition and torture by his previous company MD by giving police complaint. He named his company as 'SIP Soft Technology' to remember SIP in his entire life as his life started with SIP, career started with SIP Friends and
growing with SIP Friends.


Mr. S. Elango (1989) BMQR Certifications (P) Ltd., expressed his feelings and efforts to become a business man.
Though he was opposed and requested by his family and relatives not to leave the JOB of Rs. 40,000/- salary per month, he started the business BMQR Certifications (P) Ltd.,
He started in a small room but now his earnings are
more than 25 times of what he was drawing.


Mr. Benildus Fdo., Retd. H.O.D. Maths., S.I.P.
remembered the discipline and the character of the students in the year 1970s, 80s & 90s and those students were also polite. He also requested the new students to follow the same.

Mr. G. Sankararamasubramanian, Retd. Prof. S.I.P., described the thoughts of SIP in his mind and heart, which remains in him always.


Mr. S. A. Raman (1984) expresses his happiness as
that was a wonderful day for him (Aug 1, 2010).
After more than a quarter of a century,
his dream came true as he met Mr. S. Raghavan,
WS and Deputy Warden again in his life !

He thanked SIP Friends Welfare Trust for that opportunity.


Mr. N. Venkataraman, Ex . Manager, S.P.C.,
conveyed the message that
our Polytechnic is very well protected
with a newly constructed compound wall.

He is the one who initiated all efforts
to construct this wall.

Mr. K. M. Jamal Mohideen, (1991), Click IT Solutions,
explained the success of a business man by doing his business.
He started his company during 2003 without any office but having
only cell phone, visiting card, bike and a bag as a mobile office.
Now he had grown to employ 12 staff in his office
with a turn over of Rs.1.7 crore.
He insisted a point that the goal should be driven with planned actions
and good deeds to achieve it like a car to reach it destination needs to be driven. Finally he meant that SIP means 'Success Is Possible'.
Mr. S. Thiyagarajan (1964), Mr. V.P.R. Devaraj D' Bosco (1962), Mr. K. Veeraraghavan (1964), Mr. K. R. Balasubramanian (1967),
Mr. S. Jeya Senthil (2004), Mr. S. Muthuraj (2004) and Mr. A. Bastin (2011)
spelled out their experiences, views, thoughts and ideas in the meet.

In this meet, there was a different and useful program ‘Yoga' organized for SIP Friends' family members.
Mr. Mohan, Yoga Master, gave useful training and tips regarding Yoga and exercises related to Yoga and shared a lot of health tips.
  Like last year, 2000 batch SIP Friends, with the effort of Mr. S. Saravanan @ Ayyakutti,
organized and sponsored the lunch for the day with great generosity.
The lunch was a jolly affair where everyone had their stomach's filled.
  Children participated in a drawing session and every participant was appreciated with a gift in front of the gathering.

The family members of the SIP friends also participated with a lot of interest and involvement. The meet was like their very own family function.

After lunch, the session was Dr. R. Natrajan's (1962) for 30 minutes.
Yes…he tickled the funny bones of all the participants with his vibrant talk.
Like last year, his speech ignited a spark in every mind and motivated all
SIP Friends to become self reliant and independent
by starting their own business ventures.
He concluded that his support will always be there for all SIP Friends.
His speech inspired the budding entrepreneurs as well as motivated others
to consider the option of being self employed and becoming the employer instead of working under someone.
His speech was an eye opener.

All the SIP Retd., Lecturers and Principal - S.P.C., were honoured by SIP Friends with ‘Ponnadai' to express the gratitude of SIP Friends.
    Then all the participants entered into the fun part of the meet.
A lucky draw was conducted and
Mrs.& Mr. R. Muthusamy (1982) were selected as 'Lucky Couples'.

Ms. M. Malathi (2004) and Ms. D. Suganya (2010)
took away memorable gifts.

A very comical competition (counting the numbers in alternative language)
was conducted for ten Final Year DME students and the winner Mr. A. Alex
got the first prize and Mr. P. Mohammad Asaruthin, the second prize.
As expected by every SIP Friends, the game of 'Tambola' was conducted by Mr. D. Richard Dalvi (1992)

The game of luck
was enjoyed by
one and all and
lucky ones joyfully
walked away
with their gifts.


With the fact that all beginnings have an end, after all the meeting with friends, sharing their memories,
entertainment and the fun etc., the day was forced to an end by 5.00 pm.

    All had a chance to meet and chat with our masters and principals and all our unforgettable friends.

The SIP Friends left the meet with unforgettable feelings and golden memories and
made up their mind not to miss another year of fun and sharing with their beloved friends and teachers.

  Report by Mr. K. M. Jamal Mohideen (1991) | Photos by Mr. G. Mariappan (1997)