The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet ~ Chennai ~ 02-08-2009 
Our Friendship Day with ‘Five Gems'

August 2, 2009, ‘Friendship day'.
It was a bright and brisk Sunday morning with lots of enthusiasm. The Old Gold Good SIP Friends started
assembling at the Sri Mahalakshmi Mandapam, Chevalier Sivaji Ganesan Road , T. Nagar – Chennai.

Every SIP Friend felt that it was his day, because everyone wanted to meet each and every SIP Friend and
enjoy the true essence of friendship by recalling their ever green memories.

Mr. Sankararamasubramanian
Retd. Prof.
Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami
Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan
Retd. Principal / Advisor
Mr. Jayaraman
Retd. D'man

Mr. Raghavan
Retd. H.O.D.- Mech.

The hall was full of participants with the ‘Five Gems'
Mr. R. Kalidasakrishnaswami (Principal), Mr. R. Anantha Rama Krishna n (Retd., Principal / Advisor),
Mr. S. Jayaraman (Retd. D'man), Mr. S. Raghavan (Retd. H.O.D.- Mech.) and
Mr. G. Sankararamasubramanian (Retd. Prof.)
The day became even more joyful and enchanting with their valuable presence.

The senior SIP Friends …

Mr. VPR. Devaraj D' Bosco '62Mr. M. C. Vaikundam '62Mr. S. Thiyagarajan '64Mr. T. Kaleeswaran '65
Dr. R. Natarajan '62
Mr. G. Subramaniam '63
Mr. K. Veeraraghavan '64
Mr. N. Ganapathy '66
Mr. S. R. Sadagoppan '66
Mr. R. Ulaganathan '67
and many more enthusiastically participated in the meet.

180+ SIP Friends from different parts of the country like Bangalore,
Chachai (Madhya Pradesh), Coimbatore, Hosur, Kancheepuram,
Madurai, Selam, Sriharikota, Tirunelveli, etc.,
were also present and broke the earlier records
by having more than 260 participants.
Mr. K. Selvaraj '66

After ‘Tamil Thai Vazhthu',
with the warm
welcome address
Mr. Jega Rajan started the meeting and
took over the proceedings of the day.

The Old Gold Good SIP Friends' Family Meet
Chennai ~ 02-08-2009
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Mr. Anantha Rama Krishnan said that
he was very proud to see his own old students and
appreciated the way the meeting is being conducted

Mr. Kalidasakrishnaswami gave a speech
about the importance of this meet.
Thanked SIP Friends for their active participation
in Golden Jubilee celebration at Sankar Nagar.
He also has requested
all old students to extend
their help for the SPC Library.

Ms. Shankari (2009) spoke about
the encouragement she was given
during her college days and
how that propelled and helped her
to give a speech in front of
the huge audience
without any hesitation today.

Mr. Ganesan (1983) spoke about the importance of the communication and
how it is not just the technical or the subject knowledge
that decides the trajectory of one's career but also the person's ability to communicate effectively.

Mr. Raghavan spoke about
the importance of updating the knowledge
with help of the internet.
He reminded as that 'health is wealth'.
He also advised our friends to help
each other and be good to others.
He prayed to God Almighty
to bless all our friends and their family.

Mr. Muthusamy (1982) addressed the necessity of
knowledge based learning and accepted that
the reason behind his success was
the teaching method adapted by their SPC lecturers.
He praised SIP staffs for the quality of education
rendered by them which helped him in his employment.
He also proudly announced that both his brothers had studied in SIP College since he had the best from SIP.

The show was lead on to the most anticipated part
where the SPC students old and new got to interact with each other in the form of a group discussion.
Understanding the purpose of this meet, all the SIP Friends were grouped and
each group had 10 SPC Friends from different batches.
Each SPC Friend in the group discussed about their job, experience, the up and downs and the achievement in their life.
Ultimately the group sharing brought the togetherness and knowing each other in a cohesive way to help each SPC Friends.

Mr. K. Veeraraghavan (1964) actively participated in the meet and sponsored ‘Cello Techno Tip Pen' to every participant.
He also promised that he would employ two SIP Friends of D.M.E., in his own company.

The family members of the SPC friends also participated with a lot of interest and involvement.
The meet was like their very own family function.
Children participated in a drawing session conducted by Ms. Vishnu Priya and
every participant was appreciated with a gift in front of the gathering.
SIP Golden Jubilee VCDs were picked up by the SIPians in no time. The SIP members competed against one another
to get the VCDs so that they can hold on to a most valuable piece of their memory.
The competition was intense as the numbers of VCDs were limited.

The 'SIP Friends Welfare Trust Cash Awards' and
'Certificate of Appreciation” for the top 10 rank holders were distributed.

The participated six rank holders received the same,
who came along with their family, all the way from Tirunelveli.

The cash award was revised to Rs.1000/- from Rs.600/- for First Rank and Rs.500/- from Rs.300/- for Second Rank holder.

Mr. Sornaganesh (2002) and Mr. Somasundaram (1988)
Suthakar (1983) Mr. Kaleeswaran (1965)
expressed their excitement and happiness
in participating in the meet.

Mr. Sridhar (1986) expressed that
he can be contacted for job opportunities and
he is ready to extend his help for SIP Friends.

Mr. Devaraj D' Bosco (1962) had taken special interest in propagating about
the SIP Chennai meet to Enfield India and also made a committ ment to do so
in the following year in companies like Ashok Leyland , Ennore Foundry etc…

Mr. Kandasamy, father of Ms. Subbulakshmi one of the ‘Cash Award Winner', appreciated and thanked
both the Polytechnic and the Trust.

Mr. Arokiam Ponnusamy (1990) studied as a first batch student of Computer Science and
subsequently acquired a Master 's degree.
He had worked in companies like Intel.
He is willing to give guest lectures for our SIP Students on current Networking Technology.
He also spoke about the support and contribution he wanted to give to the trust.

Mr. Thangadurai (1997)
civil student of the college
thanked the college and
acknowledged that
his growth was achieved by
following the golden advise by
Mr. R. Anantharamakrishnan.

Mr. R. Anantha Rama Krishna n (Retd., Principal / Advisor) and
Mr. R. Kalidasakrishnaswami (Principal) were honoured
with ‘Ponnadai' to express the gratitude of SIP Friends towards them.

One of the most surprising elements of the meet was the invigorating
presence of Dr. R. Natrajan ( 1966),
who saw the news in the ‘Indian Express' by 1.00 pm rush to the hall
and took part in the meet by 1.50 pm to spell-out an vibrant talk.

His speech ignited a spark in every mind and motivated all SIPians to become self reliant
and independent by starting their own business ventures.
He concluded that his support will always be there for all SIPians.
His speech inspired the budding entrepreneurs as well as motivated others
to consider the option of being self employed and becoming the employer
instead of working under someone.
His speech was an eye opener and
all our retired professors interestingly watched his words grip the participants of the meet.

2000 batch was very active and enthusiastic.
They organized and sponsored the lunch for the day with great generosity .
The lunch was a jolly affair where everyone had their stomach's filled, but the fulfillment didn't end there.
The breathe taking rendition of the songs by Mr. Jeyaraman
who used nothing but his vocal chords
to bring out the sound of Nadaswaram, called ‘Muganaayanam'
and made the crowd nod its head in appreciation.

Mr. Ganesh (1983) remembering his golden days and his participation in the college orchestra, wished to share some of his memories by singing those songs which won them accolades during his days at college. His rich melodious voice filled the hall and everyone enjoyed his singing.

Then all the participants entered into the fun part of the meet.
A lucky draw was conducted for selecting 'Lucky Couples' Mrs. & Mr. Balasubramanian (1994)
and a 'Lucky Lady' Ms. Malathi (2004) and they took away memorable gifts.

As expected by every SIP Friends, the game of 'Tambola' was conducted by
Mr. Richard Dalvi (1992) and Mr. Antony Ravi (1980).
The game of luck was enjoyed by one and all and lucky ones happily walked away with their gifts.

And finally after all the group activities, knowledge sharing, fun, etc., the day was forced to an end by about 3.30 pm.

All had a chance to meet and chat with our masters and principals and all our unforgettable friends.
The SIP Friends left the meet with unforgettable feelings and golden memories and
made up their mind not to miss another year of fun and sharing with their beloved friends and teachers.

Report by Mr. K. M. Jamal Mohideen (1991) | Photos by Mr. R. Sankaranarayanan (1998) & Mr. P. Vanna Muthu (1998)