SIP Friends Welfare Trust

The Old Gold Good
SIP Friends' Family Meet
~ Bengaluru ~

The Third Meet At Bengaluru on 17-04-2016

On April 17, 2016, Sunday,
the 15th Year Celebration of SIP Friends Family Meet was extended and expanded to be celebrated outside of Tamil Nadu.
The out of state meet happened at Tamil Sangam, 59, Ayyasamy Mudaliar Road, Ulsoor,
near the Ulsoor Lake, in the Garden City of India, Bengaluru.

It was a much anticipated evening for SIP Friends to take part in a memorable get-together.
The hall was filled with participants of about 200, including of 64+ SIP Friends
along with family members from various batches ranging from 1964 to 2016.
Friends from Chennai, Hosur and Bengaluru took part in this rememberable Bengaluru Meet
for the 15th year Grand Celebration of SIP Friends Family Meet.


The gathering was blessed with the presence of
Mr. L. Srinivasa Raghavan (LSR), Retd. H.O.D.– Electrical and
Mr. N. S. Meenakshisundram '64, Retd. H.O.D. – Mech and
some more our senior most SIP Friends…
Mr. K. K. Balasubramanian '64, Mr. G. Nagasundaram'65 and Mr. H. Ramasubramanian '65.

The Bengaluru organizing team was led by
Mr. M. Mayandi '94 with support from
Mr. M. Subramanian '07, Mr. S. Jeya Senthil '04, Mr. P. Murugan '04, and
Mr. A. Balakrishnan '12. They all took initiative and arranged for the wonderful event.

The Chennai team,in the order of their seniority starting from
the twin SIPians Mr. R. Rajagopalan '67 and Mr. N. Ramamurthy '68;
Mr. S. Nava Rajan '77, Mr. S. Venkataraman '78, Mr. S. Jegarajan '79 and
Mr. K. M. Jamal Mohideen '91 started by train from Chennai to Bengaluru.
The team was received warmly by the Bengaluru organizing team.

The meet was started by Mr. Jegarajan,
narrating the story of how
SIP Friends Welfare Trust
was developed with the best intentions
of 1979 batch SIP Friends
upto this Bengaluru Meet.

After a long gap of about 9 years,
this was a full-fledged meet after
a couple of gatherings in Lalbagh,
during 2007.


One of the guests,
Mr. Gnanavel, the retired Railway employee spoke about his illness, particularly "Asthma" and how he recovered.
When he was diagnosed with Asthma in 1979, he was told by doctors that it cannot be cured.
He was upset hearing the news, but he did not loose hope.
Later he came to know that the disease can be controlled and the remedy was Yoga.
He approached a Yoga center and learnt Yoga (including breathing exercise of inhaling by right hole and exhaling by left and vice
versa), as per Doctor's advice for 20 mins daily and followed the diet and method of having food (particularly not to have water
before and after 20 mins of food).
As a result of which he was able to overcome the dreaded disease and
has continued to live a healthy life even at the age of 79.
He was grateful for such a meet and mingled with one and all SIP Friends.


Another guest, Mr. Damodaran, the President of Tamil Sangam,
narrated in detail about the Tamil Sangam's struggle, growth and development.
It was started on 1950 to maintain the basic rights of minority Tamilian's,
Tamil Language and Culture and most importantly to develop the smooth relationship
between Kannada and Tamil People. Its principles are based beyond Cast, Religion and Politics.
The Tamil Sangam runs Bangalore Tamil Sangam Kamaraja Higher Secondary School and
students are taught Music, Dance, Yoga and also Karate. Free Medicines are also given.
More than 40,000 books written in Tamil, English and Kannada are available and the photos of
Tamil Poets are kept in 'Tholkaapiar Arangam' 3rd floor.
He also shared that the most important achievement of the Sangam is that the statue of Thiruvalluvar was unveiled on 9.8.2009 in Neelakandan Square near Ulsoor Lake after 18 years of its inception.
Mr. Ramasubramanian,
Joint Secretary of Tamil Sangam,
shared his happiness that
he is from Tirnelveli and was
very much impressed with this
SIP Friends Meet.
'We in Karnataka maintain and
develop Tamil but request all
to develop Tamil in our native place'.



Mr. L. Srinivasa Raghavan (LSR),
Retd. H.O.D. Electrical, shared his association with SIP as Lecturer and HOD.
During his days, SIP was ranked 3rd in state under the stewardship of
Late. Viswanathan, the Former Principal and Late. Krishnamoorthy, the Former HOD.
He recalled how he taught the students both theory and practical with a method called
'Check & Talk'. He remembered doing more than 50 practical experiments in the laboratory
instead of just 30 given in the syllabus.
Even Engineering students approached him for their projects.
Later he joined St. Xaviers Polytechnic as Principal and worked for 5 years.
Now he is in Palayamkottai handling all Temple works.
He thanked the 'SIP Friends Welfare Trust' for its efforts to conduct this Family Meet and
appreciated their 15 years of continuous and successful effort.

Mr. N. S. Meenakshisundram '64, Retd. H.O.D. – Mech recalled his memories.
He worked for 38 years as Lecturer and ran the evening batch for 3 years.
He thanked every SIPian who forged ahead in their lives
with the basics taught by teachers like him.
He insisted on a point that sincere work will give results even after 10-15 years
and 'Earn In Right Way But Aim For High',
but also that one's health should be taken care of.

Mr. Ganeshan '89, recollected his views that LSR voice was so commanding and
he taught in English and spoke so fast like that of a SLR bus.
He thanked him for his contribution in his life.

  Mr. Nagasundaram '65, thanked everyone.
He pointed out the past days' memories that
he participated in the revolt of Hindi opposition
along with his SIP Friends. But he understood
his mistake later when he was in North India.
After working in Mumbai, Kolkata and
Delhi in Tata Motors for 39 years,
he realized that his service to machines was
over and started on his service to humanity,
by joining Lions club.
Now he is PRO in Lions Club.
Mr. Selvaraaj '82, highlighted his memories that
LSR was a strict teacher and spoke excellent English,
which helped him to improve his language and
also that of his fellow SIP Friends.
He also recalled that LSR made EEE have
a special recognition and they were a family.
He also thanked the English Lecturer Late. Viswanathan,
for teaching English and also thanked the Electrical Lecturer Mr. Mayandi. He thanked Mr. Ramasamy HOD for
getting him a job even before completing Diploma.
He then further studied and completed BE, MBA.
Now he is in rotary club and helps serve the society.

Mr. Ramasubramanian '65, native of Sengottai, shared his thoughts with SIP and
said that those 3 years are more important in his life than any other.
He also thanked the HOD Late. Dhanupillai and the former Principal Late. Viswanathan.
After working for 13 years in Mumbai, he moved to Kerala, Kuwait, Hyderabad,
Ranipet and Muscat working in the field of High Voltage cable and became an expert.
Now he has retired and spends time with his family.
He requested everyone to take care of their parents and elders.

Mr. Murugesan '78, spoke about his SIP days and job in SPIC Tuticorin.
After CRS, he moved to Bengaluru and settled there. He opined that Web and Facebook are the major factors for the let down of society.

Mr. Kandasamy '86 thanked Mr. LSR. He shared his feelings that
he had missed his friends for a long time and due to this meet, some are in
contact and they have formed a WhatsApp group and are in touch.

Mr. Gopala Krishnan '86, remembered his days of SIP and shared his views
that SIP maintained a prestige and that it never went down from it.
He said that 'SIP made us technically strong and sound, sincerity and
discipline taught by SIP made us have initiatives in our work.'
Now he is running a company called
'TVM Signalling & Transportation Systems (P) Ltd.,' and
was twice honored with the best award from Karnataka Govt.

Ms. Priya Rani '11 thanked Mr. Gopala Krishnan for giving her a job in his company. She came with her mother for this meet, after attending her first meet in Nellai.
She hoped for her friends to have participated in this meet and felt sorry that
they missed such a valuable opportunity.

Ms. Karunambikai '10 thanked SIP Friends Meets. She said that she did not want to attend previous SIP Meets because she did not have any job at that time.
Now got a job in Bengaluru and her friends' encouragement brought her to this meet, she stated. She has successfully completed MBA now by distance education.
In the first Nellai Meet, she felt shy and spoke in Tamil,
but in this meet she felt courageous enough to speak in English.

Mr. Raja Gopalan '94 shared his thoughts,
he said initially he was unable to follow Mr. LSR but later he picked up. He thanked Mr. LSR for what he is now.
Due to SIP friends Meet, now he is in contact with his friends.

Mr. Maharajan '97 thanked 'Bengaluru Team' for this successful meet. He also revealed that following
Mr. LSR's English was a tough but his
pictorial presentation made him understand MC1 & MC2.
This is his 7th meet and
he is very much involved in SIP Trust activities.

Mr. Kannan @ Selvakannan 2000
ran a trailer of 'Nedunalvadai' film,
directed by him and to be produced under SIP Friend's crowd funding method. He informed that 30% of
the film was completed and
the remaining is in progress.
He also requested the SIP Friends
for their help with funding,
so that remaining project
can be completed soon.

Mr. Murugan '04, member of
Bengaluru Meet organizing committee, thanked all
those who attended this meet and their family.

Lucky draw was conducted and winners were gifted
by our SIP Friends.
All the friends were presented with a memorable gift
for this '15th Year SIP Friends Family Meet'.

Everyone had a chance to meet their friends
to share their past days' memories.

After having a delicious dinner, the meeting came to an end at 8.30pm and friends left the hall hoping to have the next meet very soon, again in Bengaluru.

Report by Mr. KM Jamal Mohideen '91